Friday, September 21, 2007

Drink It Up - Sept 18th & 19th

Tuesday morning Chris arrived bright and early to get Cameron's day started off strong. He was a little tired when his dad first arrived but he downed his whole bottle. When mom arrived she decided to try to breast feed Cam. He really liked this but could only last about 10 minutes. After that mom gave him his bottle and he finished the whole thing.....awesome!! That must have tired him out quite a bit because he struggled during his next feeding and was unable to finish it all. That's okay though, Cam needs his rest to grow big and strong.

Later Tuesday night, Chris and Jane came up to feed Cameron hid dinner. He chowed this bottle down with no problems at all. Drinking all of his bottles (8 bottles @ 1.5 oz each in 24 hours) is his last major milestone before being discharged. There is a catch though...the little man has to down the bottle in 20 minutes or less. This shows he is strong enough and continuously growing so that when he goes home he will continue to eat like a champ.

On Wednesday, Chris came up early again. Cameron had some trouble finishing all of his bottles through the night but not when dad got there. Cam downed his bottle for his pops really fast. Chris was very proud of him (as always).

When Jane got there she didn't have as much luck with Cameron. He is just not ready to go home quite yet.....once again on his own time table.....and could not finish his next two bottles. However, the nurses keep reminding us that he is a great drinker and paces himself well (doesn't stop breathing while sucking and swallowing).

Wednesday early evening Jane and Chris went out to dinner with Unc Greg and Aunty Jill who were visiting from Florida. After an incredible fondue dinner, we all went up to see Cam. They were so excited to meet was Cameron to meet the two of them. They said he was pretty darn adorable and were instructed by Greg's mom to take lots of pics (Cam can't wait to meet Vicky and Jeff). Since Cam is so popular, his special 'aunt' and 'uncle' Joanne and Chris came to see the man yet again (pictured here). Joanne brought Cameron a special CD that he can fall asleep with (you're gonna spoil him). Of course Cam showed off for all of his guests and finished his bottle in only 10 minutes.

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