Sunday, September 16, 2007

Four Weeks Old (snip-snip) - Sept 13th & 14th

Cameron has continued to progress with his feedings. On Thursday, his Grandma Mary and Henry visited him again and took lots of pictures. Later that evening, they laughed while watching Chris and Jane struggle putting together the new travel system...stroller and car seat. Funny how college degrees don't cover this type of assembly.

Friday was a big day for Cameron....he turns four weeks old today! Both of his parents came to visit him in the morning. A physical therapist stopped by talk to Cam's parents and to check up on his progress and said he looked great.

After the doctor checked Cam he indicated he was big and strong enough to have his circumcision. Mom was nervous but one of her favorite nurses was going to be with him. Just before 5:00 pm he went under the knife. Less than ten minutes later, he was back in bed...wide eyed and alert. The nurse told Jane he didn't cry at all. Way to go Cam!

That night Joanne and Laurie came up to see Cameron. They both said that his pictures on the website do not depict how adorable and handsome he is. Cam said thanks again for the visit.

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