Thursday, September 6, 2007

Taste The Real Thing!!! - Sept 7th

The daily routine kicks in when Chris went to visit Cameron this morning. Chris tried to give him the bottle but Cam could only stay awake long enough to drink about 5 ml. It was still a valiant effort and we are excited for every bit we can get. Most babies don't learn to 'suck/swallow/breathe' until they are around 35 weeks and Cameron is just 33 weeks tomorrow. So he is obviously way ahead of the curve.

Cousin Annie came for a visit to see the big boy. She had not seen him since Cam was in NICU. Annie was so happy to see how far he had come. Jane and Annie stayed with Cameron all afternoon and tried to bottle him again at his 2pm feeding. He still only sucked down about 5 ml for his mom as well. Of course he does get the rest of the feeding via his gavage tube.

Chris and Jane came back together before his 8pm feeding. The nurse suggested that it would be alright if Jane attempted to breast feed Cameron. Bearing in mind this was Cam's first attempt at this, the nurse warned that this may not be successful the first time. But just as Cam continues to surprise everyone, tonight was no exception. Little C drank in a whole 9 ml via direct breast feeding. His parents were very proud of him and the nurse was very surprised! (sorry no picture of this)

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