Sunday, September 9, 2007

Cameron Turns Three (weeks) - Sept 9th

Today was an eventful day. Starting off right when Chris came by in the morning to feed Cameron his bottle. Cameron drank almost the entire bottle.....easily doubled anything he has taken before. However, when he was about finished Chris tried to burp him and he spit up what looked to be his entire breakfast. After cleaning Cam up he was zonked out for a while.

Jane stopped in to check on the little man before his mid-morning/lunch feeding. Cam's Grandparents, Bill and Mary Ellen, came over as well.

In the late afternoon Jane went back to her house and Chris came home to get her so they could drive up there together. Dave Meade said that he wanted to go see Cam on his way home tonight. But Chris and Jane tricked Dave into coming over to their house first to help move a dresser into Cameron's room (thanks again Dave). After this the three of them drove up to the hospital to see Cam. He was very excited to see Dave tonight.

After Cam's evening dinner, Chris and Jane tucked him in for the night.

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