Monday, September 3, 2007

Cameron Packs on the Ounces - Sept 3rd

Cameron had a wonderful weekend. He is leading the pack in the 'feeder grower club' typical for the Weatherford family. Chris and Jane were happy to be with their son all weekend. This was the first time that they had not been with Jane's family on Labor Day weekend for many years (wow, the weather was perfect this year....hmmmm). But it was comforting to spend our first Labor Day weekend as a new family.

Cameron of course decided to show off for the other two girls in the nursery room with him. He gained a whole 3.5 ounces over the weekend and drank from the bottle both days. It is so cute to see him smile and we can't wait to hear what his laughter will sound like.

Chris had to break the terrible news to Cameron about his future U of M football team and the major upset....who is Appalachian State anyway? (Mr. Alford, our deepest sympathies) Cameron told his mom that he can't wait to watch all the football games with his dad when he gets home.

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