Tuesday, September 4, 2007

What's up Doc? - Sept 5th

Cameron was on his own for breakfast this morning as Chris and Jane could not get out there to see him. They both had a couple of appointments but Jane was out there before lunch. Cam's Grandma, Mary Ellen, and his Aunt Gay drove in from Montague to see the little champ.

Right after his early lunch (he gets eight meals a day!!!) the nurses stopped by with a new bed for Cameron! He has grown big enough, maintained his body temperature and has not produced any major respiratory alarms so he was moved out of his isolette and into an open crib. Now Chris and Jane are watching him just to make sure he can sustain his body temperature on his own. Self regulating his body temperature is one of the last major goals he has to accomplish before he can go home. The other major goals include eating all of his bottles, his gestational age needs to be over 34 weeks (he is currently 32.5 weeks) and no major alarms. At this rate his parents are hopeful that he could be home in a couple weeks.

Late this afternoon, Chris and Jane met with the doctor that admitted Cameron (there are nine neonatologist doctors that oversee all of the babies in the Neonatal Center) to the hospital. He was pleased with Cameron's progress over the past two and a half weeks. If he masters "suck-swallow-breathe" and continues to gain weight the doc says he may be out in two or three weeks. So now Chris and Jane are working to get everything ready for their son's homecoming!

After Cameron ate his dinner (and Chris fell asleep in the chair with his son for a while) Jane, Chris, Big Sis Lauren and good friend Paige went out to dinner to celebrate Cam's big progress.

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