Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Cam drinks 24 ml for Dad - Sept 6th

The day started off quiet enough, Chris got up early to go see Cameron for his breakfast. Cam's nurse thought he looked pretty awake and active so she suggested Chris try to bottle feed the little boy. Chris was willing to try but in the past he hadn't been very successful with Cam. This morning was different though. Cam drank a whole 24ml (of 35)...almost a whole ounce which is twice as much as he has ever bottled before! Awesome job buddy!!!

Jane showed up there for little C's lunch feedings. He was too tuckered out to attempt another bottle feeding so Jane just had to feed him through the gavage tube. He was just sleeping and growing strong.

One of Cam's roommates got her 'get out of jail free card' and went home yesterday. Then his other roommate got to go home today. So Jane asked the nurses if Cameron could be moved into the room with his friends Lindzi and Loghan (Chris, Jane and Cameron befriended these twins and their parents when they were still in the NICU). However, instead of moving Cam out of his room (with the great view of the diggers outside his window) they moved the twins into his room. They were all very excited with the move!

Chris and Jane met up with Chris and Joanne for dinner this evening. After a quick bite to eat they all ran upstairs to see the little boy. Chris and Joanne stayed a long time while Cameron ate his dinner. Cam's dad tried to bottle feed him again but this time he wasn't into it as much as he was this morning. He only drank about 9 ml tonight. But still, it's the effort that counts!

Cameron's job now is to slowly take all of his feedings every three hours by bottle. This requires a lot of energy, so it may be quite a few days before he builds the stamina necessary to drink the whole bottle every time. Once he masters this, he will begin breastfeeding. This is great news since Chris and Jane are renting out freezer space from their neighbors to store all of the breast milk that has been pumped:)

Big high five to Cameron for all his continued progress and adorable smiles!

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