Thursday, August 30, 2007

Still Growing - Aug 30th

Chris arrived early this morning and Cam didn't want to wake up. He is definitely not a morning person....just like his parents. But Chris got him up for his morning breakfast all the same. Before they could feed the little tike though they had to move his gavage feeding tube. The nurses decided to move this from his mouth to his nose. Moving this should make it much easier for him to practice sucking on his pacifier....getting ready for the bottle maybe next week. After moving this tube Cameron's dad feed him a nice big breakfast before dad had to run off to work.

Mom showed up a little while later to fill some more bottles and give Cameron a mid-morning brunch. She stayed with him all afternoon and had fun changing diapers. She also read to him the photobook from cousin Meg (again for the 25th time). Jane thinks this is his favorite.

After Chris and Jane had dinner this evening they went back to the hospital to give Cameron his dinner. We were thinking this would be the first day that Cameron didn't have any visitors besides his parents. However, while we were gone, Aunt Mary and Uncle Ray came to surprise us and meet Cameron. Unfortunately, they were unable to see their new baby nephew even though Cam said he kept telling the nurses it was okay for them to come back. 'Rules are rules' the nurse told Cameron.

Chris and Jane tip-toed out after Cam's dinner while he was sound asleep. But it is so hard to leave their big boy alone for the night.

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Leslie said...

Hey Chris and Jane. Great blog!

Cameron is SO cute and I can't wait to meet him!

Miss you!