Monday, August 27, 2007

Cameron's 2nd Weekend - Aug 26th

Cameron is getting bigger now. His feedings are being increased everyday. Pretty soon he should be up to his full feedings of 30 cc's every three hours!!! Jane has been keeping up with Cameron's supply and demand of this precious commodity by delivering roughly 60 ml (60 cc's) every three to four hours. Consequently, there are approximately 50 milk bottles in our freezer. Imagine our fear when we lost power Thursday night for seven hours. Thank goodness all of the breast milk was spared.

Chris and Jane thought that time would go by so slowly in the hospital, but instead they wonder where the day has gone. Cameron's parents are holding him a lot more now. His new hobby is dealing with hiccups which are pretty loud but don't seem to bother him. When his parents asked the nurses if they could give him anything they laughed and said 'is there a cure for adult hiccups?'

On Sunday, Cameron's parents were convinced they witnessed his first big smile. Jane took some time to attend a beautiful baby shower hosted by Andrea Ringler (Jane's second mom). Cameron received so many gifts....he says thank you very much to everyone!

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