Tuesday, August 28, 2007

What an Awesome Day!!! - Aug 28th

Cameron was moved very early this morning to the NIM (neonatal intermediate care) and out of the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit). This feels like Cameron was admitted to the country club to Jane and Chris. They are so ecstatic about all the progress Cameron has been making. Last night Cameron weighed in at a whopping 3lbs 10.5oz (can't leave off the .5...every bit counts).

The biggest change from NICU to the NIM is the size of the nurseries and the relaxed atmosphere. We went from being in a room where Cameron had nine other cribmates to a room where he has only two cribmates. Cameron's crib has a window view overlooking the new construction site of the new Children's Hospital (Harper, you would love all the diggers!)

The doctor who examined Cam today told his parents that he is now in the 'feeder and grower' club....it's pretty exclusive....he is thinking of running for office. His only job now is to digest all of his food and grow, grow, grow!

As if 'Lil C' thought he could get by without a day of visitors...Aunt Joyce and Uncle Joe made a special trip in to Grand Rapids to see the little man. They were so proud of all the changes he has made since the last time they visited just a few days ago. They brought a very special photo album for Cameron that explains the entire Jellema family and everything that Cam has to look forward to and all the new cousins he will meet and have many adventures with (we love you so much Meg and we read this to Cameron this afternoon....he was totally smiling.)

Jennifer Cronk dropped in to see Cameron's new (temporary) home in the NIM. She went to lunch with Chris and Jane, then came back again with her husband Adam later that night. Adam was a little jealous that Jen has had so much time with Cameron. (Have we told you how much we appreciate all the support and everything you have done for us Jen?)

Chris and Jane made a quick appearance at their neighborhood block party where everyone was so anxious to see pictures and hear all about Cameron. Our wonderful neighbors are still planning to bring us dinners to help ease the lack of time due to hospital visits. We are sooo grateful for their support and concern. We are hoping they still feel so generous when Cameron wakes up everyone on the block at 2:30 in the morning.

Cam's parents told him what a big strong boy he is for making such progress so quickly. And then they tucked him in for the night.


Anonymous said...

Jane - This brings me back 15 years when a similar situation happened with my youngest. He was a 10 week preemie, weighing 3.1 when he was born. Long story short, he is now 15 years old, 6 feet tall, weighing in at 135. Your little guy will no doubtedly join the ranks. Cam is beautiful - small but mighty. Take this time to get back to 100% so when the little man comes home, you'll be ready to face your new world. Congratulations!!!

Gail Van der Linden
Grand Rapids Press

Anonymous said...

janeo, chris, and cam--
what an awesome idea. yeah for blogs. i just caught up on all couple weeks of cam's life!

you guys look great/happy/wonderful and cam...wow. he looks amazing! he's grown and changed so much. i can't wait to see him again. cousin meg loves you cam!