Thursday, August 23, 2007

Cameron's First Day - Aug 18th

Wow, as if Cameron's night wasn't busy enough!!!! He got to meet Joanne and the Ringlers last night before he was transported to his temporary home at Spectrum.

Today, Cameron was visited by all his new friends. Patty Raish was the first to stop by with a video camera so Chris could film his new son and show this to Jane who was still stuck at the Metro hospital. Patty captured some great footage of Cameron on the first day (hmmm...I wonder where this footage is now (Chris may have taped over this.....allegedly)). Jennifer Cronk met us at Spectrum too but she wanted to wait to see Cameron with his Grandma Mary Ellen. So Chris and Jen drove over to Metro to see Jane and get Mary Ellen.

After lunch Grandma, Jen and Chris all drove back to Spectrum to visit with Cameron. They were all so delighted to see the cute bundle of joy. More of Cameron's new family came to visit him at Spectrum....his Aunt Joyce, Uncle Joe, Cousins Annie and Megan.

Meanwhile, back at Metro, Jane was busy with visitors too. Andrea Ringler and Lauren 'big sis' Ringler stopped by with flowers and goodies. Then Chris and Grandma returned with all of the Schulze's and visited with Cameron's mom as well. Jane was so happy to hear all about how well Cam was doing.

Later this evening Patty Raish and Mickie Kleinheksel stopped by Jane's room at Metro. They showed Jane the quick video of her precious new son. After seeing this Jane was all the more determined to get out of the hospital as soon as possible so she could see Cameron. Cousin Tom and his wife Sam with their two children Paige and Harry came to check on Jane as well. They brought a beautiful ivy plant with candles.

Throughout the day Jane, Chris and Cameron were showered with flowers from Joanne and Chris Alford, Ronda VanKley, the Ringler family and Mary Mason.

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