Friday, August 24, 2007

Cameron's First Weekend - Aug 24th

Cameron is doing well. He continues to have a lot of visitors throughout the weekend. The NICU is going to have to change the rules to add a limit of total visitors one child can have in one day.

By Saturday morning Jane was definitely ready to go see her son. It was borderline harassment every time a doctor or nurse walked in to check on her. She too was doing well so by 2:30 P.M. they finally gave in and discharged her from Metro hospital on the strict orders to 'take it easy'. So Chris and Jane along with Bill and Mary Ellen quickly drove over to the other hospital to see their new baby. Jane was elated (just a little emotional) to see her new child. When they first arrived little Cameron was crying. His nurse, Tracy, asked if Jane wanted to hold her son. Cameron quieted down as soon as Jane held him in her arms. This was the first day that both Mom and Dad held their precious Cameron.

On Sunday Chris finally called Keith and Bobbi to let them know the exciting news. They rushed over to Spectrum as soon as they found out to see him right away. After visiting with Cameron for a while they decided to take Jane & Chris out to Bombay Cuisine for a great lunch. After lunch, Steve and Andrea snuck up to see the little man before 'big sis' Lauren could get there. But Lauren arrived soon after with our good friend Paige. Later that Sunday evening Chris and Joanne stopped by so Chris could discuss some U of M football strategy with Cameron and plant the seed of hate for the Buckeyes (that's right Mr. Raish).

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