Monday, August 27, 2007

Cameron Growing Big - Aug 27th

Cameron continues to impress his parents. He is now growing bigger and stronger without the help of his IV fluids. His IV was completely removed since he is now on full size feedings of milk (30 cc's every three hours).

Once again today Cameron enjoyed a steady stream of visitors. Jane's mom picked her up and stayed with her at the hospital all day. Chris and Jane's next door neighbor and good friend, Mickie Kleinheksel was shocked to see Cameron's progress when she stopped by this afternoon. She and her husband Ken will be traveling for several weeks and know Cameron will go through many changes before they see him again. Mickie told us that she has watched two boys from two different families grow up in the house where Chris and Jane live. Ken and Mickie have lived in their home for over 40 years.

After Grandma Mary Ellen left, 'Auntie' Joanne stopped by to see Cameron's improvements. She too was surprised. Then later this evening, our other good friends Keith and Bobbie stopped by with a surprise guest Rhem. Rhem just had a beautiful baby girl named Estella (congratulations Greg and Rhem!!) at the hospital early Sunday morning.

Soon after everyone left, Cameron's parents tucked their sweet boy in for the night and headed home for some much needed sleep themselves.

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