Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Settling into NIM - Aug 29th

Today was Cameron's second day in NIM (neonatal intermediate care). He really likes it over here much better than where he was in the NICU before. His day started with his daily visit from his dad this morning. Then Cam's mom and Aunt Betsy arrived to check on the cutest boy in NIM. After lunch, the nurse asked Jane if she wanted to give Cameron a sponge bath. So the big boy had his first bath and his mom even got to wash his hair. After this 'traumatic' experience Cam was a little sacked out.

'Big Sis' Lauren and her mom 'Sweet Andrea' visited later this afternoon. They commented on Cameron's huge progress. They took a few pictures of the beautiful boy and his gorgeous mother. Cam was wearing his favorite outfit that 'Big Sis' had given him.

Chris and Jane went back up later this evening. Nurse Jan weighed Cam before dinner. He weighed in at 3lbs 11.5oz (high five for gaining a whole ounce!!!) Jane held Cameron while he digested his dinner. It was so hard to leave Cameron tonight as he was trying so hard to stay awake for his parents.

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Anonymous said...

Trudy told us he had moved from the NICU! Congrats! You must be so happy to see him doing better and better. I send easy bottle-feeding wishes your way!

We love you and can't wait to see Cam again. Lisa, Dirk, and Harper