Sunday, September 29, 2019

Buddy System - Week of Sept. 23rd

"Surround yourself only with people who are going to lift you higher." ~Oprah Winfrey

Buddy system is defined as a cooperative arrangement whereby individuals are paired or teamed up and assume responsibility for one another's instruction, productivity, welfare, or safety.  Life itself is like a buddy system when we all pair up and support each other.

A field trip to Camp Roger started Cam's week out right, especially because Chris took part of the day off of work to hang out too.  They explored the trails, built a fire, went through a friend tunnel and even toasted marshmallows.

Back at school, Cam's friend Ethan hung out at lunchtime with him and they chatted it up.

It was a bit cooler at the WMML ball field on Saturday, but that didn't stop our Cam fans!
The helpers for the day were the sorority sisters of Sigma Iota Beta from Hope College.

Our baseball player somehow ended up with three lovely ladies who kept him entertained at every base.

From the Cam fan club, Ms. Kathy appeared once again cheering on both of her former students- Brody and Cam.

And, the great northern relatives- Oma and Opa, Aunt Joyce and Uncle Joe and Aunt Gay were all bundled and cheering up a storm!  We were so fortunate the rain held off.
That afternoon, Cam's grandparents came back to the house for lunch and to spend the night!  We were so happy to have them for an entire evening and morning.  We said goodbye after breakfast on Sunday.

At lunchtime, we welcomed Sarah and Steve, who were in town from Colorado for a wedding, which Cam thought was pretty funny since we had just attended their wedding in July in Joliet.
It was such a treat to see them and catch up on everything in person.

Some people think we seem to have a revolving door of visitors:)  There are days we do and we wouldn't ever change that.
Cam loves the activity and we all love the anticipation of fellowship and laughter that always accompanies friendship.

Our fall colors from Auntie Karen
Camology Quotes:
It's funny how things can be misinterpreted if the origin isn't understood.  
Sarah and Steve were talking about their rental car and needing to return it prior to going in the airport.  Cam was a bit confused about Hertz...
"What do you mean?  Your car is hurt?"

Our annual Sunday dinner with the Raisch fam included a story Ms. Patti was telling about the Rotary Club.  Cam interjected mid-stream...
"You mean they go on the road?"

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