Sunday, September 8, 2019

Picture Perfect Baseball - Week of Sept. 2nd

“Photography for me is not looking, it’s feeling. If you can’t feel what you’re looking at, then you’re never going to get others to feel anything when they look at your pictures.” ~Don McCullin
“You don’t take a photograph. You ask quietly to borrow it.” ~Unknown

Attending school makes Cam so happy.   Each day begins with a smile waiting for the bus and each weekday afternoon, a smiling boy departs the bus with his most common greeting, "I had a great day!  How was your day?"  Even if Cam's parents have had a trying day, it helps puts things in perspective. 

This week in school, our sixth grader and his friends had to create their very own 'superhero.'  Their sign reads- "Fear Not Northern Trails!  Our school is under the watchful eyes of Tape Man, Super Teacher, Instrument Man, Super Football Man and Super Pokemon Tamer!"  Cam chose to be Super Teacher because he loves to remind his teachers about things and pretend to be the teacher himself.  Each week, a video journal of his favorite activities is captured and sent to his parents.
Saturday marked the first weekend for Fall Baseball with WMML

Before the game even started, we were all pleasantly surprised to see one of Cam's former elementary school teacher's, Ms. Kathy!  It had been a few months since these two were side by side and smiling.  Ms. Kathy knows other former students that also play for the Miracle League so it's always fun to see the reactions.

The volunteer helpers were the Hope College Softball Team.  Cam was lucky enough to have two people assisting.  The batter box sported a fresh coat of paint and instructions thanks to Chris and son.
Cam is on the Aquinas Saints team this season and was super excited to be back on the field.  His teammates include friends, Brody and Carson.  His coaches are Carson's dad, Mr. Mark and a local TV news personality, Ms. Nicole.

It turned out to be great weather for our first game and we certainly hope we continue this mild stretch of fall.

On Sunday, Oma and Opa drove into GR from up north.  We all settled into the van for a quick trip to Kalamazoo for our annual mini photo session with the Gaupers.
Ryan and Holly are a talented couple who have taken our family photos for 5 years now.  For 35 minutes, they move us around to different areas, make us laugh and create unique images.  In a few weeks, they send us a link for all the digital prints.  Upon returning home, though, it was quite apparent Cam had reached his limit for a permanent grin :-)

Camology Quotes:
Cam always asks about directions and has a very good innate sense of direction...
"Which way will Ms. Holly and Mr. Ryan take to get here?" (names off different local highways)
"They should probably use Waze."

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