Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Sunrise Smiles - Week of Apr. 18th

"A flower blossoms for its own joy." ~Oscar Wilde

The sunrise can be seen most mornings Cam and his mom make their way down the driveway to wait for the bus.  Monday's looked pretty cool and Jane's son actually asked her to snap a picture.

Monday after school, Cam said he didn't feel right and had a tough time finishing homework.  We canceled his swimming and PT lessons for that eve.  By the next morning, he had a full blown cold complete with stuffy/runny nose, watery eyes and the occasional cough.  

We were beyond fortunate that Oma and Opa were with us until Wednesday so Chris and Jane continued forward with their daily jobs.  Cam was able to hang out with his grandparents in between nose blows.  He ate chicken noodle soup and had daily doses of honey to ward off the cough.  On Wednesday, he insisted on a covid test which was negative.  His spirits were rising and we snapped a pic with Oma and Opa before they left.  Cam stayed home on Thursday just be certain he was well enough to return to school on Friday, which he did.

After a long week at home, Ms. Ann came over Friday afternoon to spend the evening with her buddy while Cam's parents headed out for dinner.  Saturday was a beautiful day to be outside and start on the ever popular yard work.  That evening, Cam recommended we go out to breakfast on Sunday to one of our favorite local spots, Sundance.

It was a bit windy and not super warm, but we all agreed to sit outside.  It was our first outdoor dining experience of 2022.  As we awaited our delicious meal, Cam exclaimed, "Wasn't this a good idea I had?"  Jane responded with "Well, I guess you'd better pat yourself on the back, then!"  To which Cam immediately complied and did, in fact, pat himself on his own back. 😁  

Camology Quotes:

We returned to Mary Free Bed on Friday afternoon to pick up Cam's new custom seat, designed to help him sit up more in his power chair and add comfort.  We met a new OT, Ms. Mary, as we were almost finished.  She talked about some new ideas we could implement and kept apologizing for disrupting as we were getting ready to leave.  We all agreed we wanted to hear her input and although it will mean another appointment, we are always thankful for professionals who advocate.  When we were driving back home, Cam offered his own opinion.

"I think Ms. Mary had a different perspective.  I wanted to say to her, if you have an idea Ms. Mary, let it out!"

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