Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Back to Business - Week of Apr. 11th

" 'Twas Easter Sunday.  The full-blossomed trees filled all the air with fragrance and with joy." ~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

"Let everything you do be done in love." ~1 Corinthians 16:14

When there's a break in the action in the daily activity of life, it can be satisfying to fall back into the typical routine.  Although early Monday morning produced quite a few yawns at our 6am wake up, there were also lots of smiles.

Cam was happy to be back at school after spring break and celebrated a friend's birthday.  His swimming lesson was canceled on Monday, but he still had PT.  The pool he uses had a chemical reaction issue and it had to be drained.  Cam had numerous questions about this and his instructor, Ms. Mandy, was happy to explain it all to the attentive listener.

Mid-week, we headed a few neighborhoods over to pick up dining room chairs someone else was parting with.  Ours were nearly 20 years old.  We took two vehicles to be certain we could transport all 6 of them.  Cam told the homeowner that their house looked like "The Incredibles" home from the animated movie.  When we looked up a picture of it, he was actually spot on!

Saturday morning, father and son were busy making monster cookies.  After lunch, we loaded up our treats and headed for Zeeland.  Our new friend, Erica, was testing out a rugged power chair that can be used on trails and the beach.  Her mom told Chris we could try it out.  It was a blustery, chilly day but Cam still took a whirl outside.  The garage was a bit warmer so he drove around in there as we asked questions.  This type of powered wheelchair is meant for the beach and hiking. Cam said it was very comfortable and he felt safe in it.

As an added bonus, there was an outdoor cat in the garage who had kittens just 3 days prior.  They brought one over to Cam to see up close.  It was the littlest kitty he had ever held!

We were thankful for our visit and the knowledge gained.  We didn't get to see our friend Erica on this trip.  Now begins the task of determining what grants are available for the ultimate off-roading vehicle for Cam.

Sunday, we welcomed Oma and Opa to celebrate Easter with us.  They arrived bearing gifts- an Easter lily, chocolate treats and a very cool wind turbine for Cam and his dad to put together.  Since Cam's grandparents arrived at lunchtime, they also brought their delicious homemade sausage egg casserole.  With fresh fruit, it made for a perfect brunch.  

As we relaxed that afternoon and enjoyed a traditional ham dinner, we forgot about snapping a family pic.  

However, Oma keenly observed an outdoor visitor watching our activities, or possibly just looking for its own dinner.

Camology Quotes:

Friday afternoon, we picked up Cam early from school for an appointment at Mary Free Bed.  The 1pm start time was scheduled to last at least 2 hours for Cam to be fitted with a new custom seat on his powerchair.  Since we knew we'd be there awhile, Jane offered to walk to the Biggby Coffee shop, located at the other side of the building, to grab drinks for everyone.  Cam asked for a mocha caramel Frappuccino and Chris said he would copy his son.  Jane arrived back in the room and promptly had Cam try the drink.  He took a long sip, stopped, and looked at his mom while asking, 

"Mom, this has coffee in it!  Didn't you order me one with no coffee?"

Jane admitted her accidental mistake and they all had a good laugh. Chris graciously offered to walk back and order the "correct" drink.  In the meantime, Cam felt it necessary to tell this story each and every time someone walked into the room.  It did make the time go by more quickly and we certainly continued to have a good laugh each and every time!

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