Sunday, May 30, 2021

Percentiles - Week of May 24th

 "Comparison is the death of joy." ~Mark Twain

It is difficult to distinguish when one begins to compare one's self to others.  As parents, the constant correlation to other kids is something that seems inevitable.  When Cam was little, he barely made it onto the growth charts.   At his specialist appointment this week, his current stats are 107lbs (45th percentile), 5'2" (28th percentile).  Fortunately, each of us is so much more than the statistical percentages we are made up of.  Finding the unique qualities in others does feel more fulfilling than comparing.

This week, the boys began construction work on the latest Cam-Mobile for summer beach time.  Even though they have built multiple versions due to our son's growth, it seems Home Depot never tires of seeing us on several occasions.  Measuring, cutting and gluing the pvc pipe pieces make up the majority of effort.

On Sunday, we drove northward to check on Oma and Opa.  It had been a week since Cam's grandmother had surgery and we wanted to be certain she was recovering as expected.  

It was a bit too chilly for any beach activities so we remained inside sharing a lunch of soup and bread and assisting Oma with some things on her to do list.  In the afternoon, we spent time visiting with our longtime family friend, Umpy reminiscing and telling Cam stories about childhood.   We were all impressed by how well Oma was doing and Cam decided she was aok!

After a delicious grilled dinner with Cam's grandparents, it was time to start our journey homeward.  We all felt tired relieved that Monday was a holiday.  As we drove back to Grand Rapids Sunday evening, Chris and Jane could have sworn they saw their teenager almost doze off a few times during the trip.

Camology Quotes:

Cam's grandma was scheduled for surgery early Monday morning.  Cam asked if he could go with his mom and miss school.  Jane explained that due to current Covid restrictions still in place, only one person was allowed to be in the hospital waiting.  Although he understood, he made certain that the following request would be carried out.

"Mom, please make sure my Oma is ok and give her a big hug for me.  Do not forget!" 

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