Sunday, May 16, 2021

Following My Lead - Week of May 10th

"Leadership is practiced not so much in words as in attitude and in actions." ~Harold S. Geneen

Each morning, Cam heads down the driveway to meet the bus a little after 6:30am.  Many days, he is able to see the sunrise when he's getting ready.

At school, Robotics remains a true highlight.  Cam enjoys all subjects and the interactions, but working with his robot is always exciting.
This week he was able to test out the programming that was set up to allow the robot to follow him.  The video shows it all in action.

Oma and Opa arrived on Friday ready to attend Cam's baseball game on Saturday.
The cloudy weather made for a cooler start to the 10am first pitch, but it warmed up quickly.  The batter box was in full swing equipped with the pulley system to assist with the release of the bat to connect with the ball.
The players also had their individual photos taken, as is the case for every season.
Since Cam and his best bud Brody are on the same team, it was a sweet surprise to see their teacher Mrs. Wells and her daughter Nora, arrive in time for the WMML baseball too.

When the game was over before 11am, we decided it was a great idea to find a restaurant near home and eat outside.  We had no idea how difficult it would be!  The first place did not have their outdoor patio available yet, the 2nd place wasn't open until 3p, the 3rd place had a 45 min wait for outside seating and we finally sat down at the 4th restaurant on a picnic table.  And by that time, we sure were hungry.  Luckily, it was a delicious lunch and Oma and Opa treated us.

Back at home, Jane's mom had given her a beautiful hydrangea and begonia flowers for Mother's Day that were ready for planting.  After determining the best spot in the front yard we got to work placing them in the ground.  We bid farewell to Cam's grandparents late afternoon and watched a family movie in the evening.

On Sunday, we had another planned outing for an early dinner.  We were meeting our cousins at Outback Steakhouse to dine on the famous blooming onion and dinner, of course.  We arrived at 4:40p and were told it would be about a 35 minute wait.  As the timeframe came and went, it began to feel like a repeat of Saturday's lunch.  Of course, if one has to wait for 2 hours (!) outside, the nicer weather and Cam's dad being funny always helps.  In the picture, there is a man in the background carrying a cake.  As he passed by, Chris said "Oh, thanks for bringing my cake!" The man laughed and as we were all cracking up, Cam declared "Dad, that is embarrassing!"
We left the restaurant after 7:30p and knew we would be a bit later starting Cam's evening routine.  In true trooper form though, our son indicated on the drive home "it was worth it!"

Camology Quotes:

During our search for outdoor dining on Saturday, Jane was telling Chris & Cam that evening it was strange to see a 'Please Seat Yourself' sign at a popular restaurant that was typically busy.  Cam really didn't understand the basis for the sign at all.  His commentary:
"But if you seat yourself, how does anyone even know that you are there?!" 

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