Sunday, January 31, 2021

An Unexpected Quarantine - Week of Jan. 25th

The definition of Quarantine: 1 : isolation of people, animals, or things (as plants) out of a certain area to prevent the spread of disease or pests. 2 : a period during which a person or animal with a contagious disease is isolated. 

"If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude." — Maya Angelou  

On Tuesday evening, Jane's cell phone received a message and an email from a school official appeared in her inbox. 

Cam was exposed to a student on his daily bus ride to school who had just received a positive test result for Covid-19.  The letter indicated that the individual had last ridden the bus on Friday.  The official correspondence went on to say that Cam was now required to quarantine through Monday, Feb. 1st.  He was not required to get a Covid-19 test unless he started showing symptoms.  If he did not exhibit any symptoms, he may return to school on Tuesday, Feb. 2nd.  All of this detail was read at 7:55pm as Cam was settling into bed.  Needless to say, this led to 50 more questions after we broke the news to our son.  He fully understood the quarantine since it's become a standard discussion of daily life.

At the dawn of a new day, (and what a beautiful dawn it was) Cam did what he does best.  Accept and move on and keep on  He joined zoom meetings with his class and headed into extra tutoring sessions with Miss Ann.  

He helped his mom complete her first "fast lane" - pick up grocery online ordering experience- with their local store.

Due to the quarantine, Cam's PT, swimming and ski lessons were all canceled out this week.  That didn't damper his spirits, though, because there was still fun to be had at home.  On Saturday, our neighbors were sledding in the backyard when Chris and his son decided to get out the drone and watch their friends close up.

We finally perfected our bread recipe with the expert help of Patti.  The soft, delicious loaf was just what we all needed.

Cam and his dad worked on their Xbox skills showing intense concentration.  

To round out our week, an unexpected brochure arrived in the mail from MI-UCP, the Michigan United Cerebral Palsy organization.  Maybe you recognize the cool kid on the front?

Camology Quotes:

Cam rode in the van for the grocery pickup this week.  On our drive back home, he exclaimed...
"Mom, why would we ever go into the store again?!  This is awesome!"

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