Sunday, January 3, 2021

Feeling Hopeful for 2021 - Week of Dec. 28th

"Delay is preferable to error." ~Thomas Jefferson

Sometimes it pays off to delay an activity.  The Christmas Lite Show is set up as a drive-thru display at our local minor league ballpark.  It's the 23rd year for the event and it opens the day before Thanksgiving until Jan. 2nd. This year, there are nearly two miles of more than two million LED lights and 50 animated displays, tunnels and more. The Christmas Lite Show was created by Williams “Bill” Schrader, a U.S. Army veteran who served for 28 years. The show’s team has always been made up of mostly veterans.  The $25 ticket price seems hefty but the entire experience takes roughly 30 minutes.  With our van of four people, that's a little over $6 per person.  

Oma and Opa arrived back at our home on Dec. 31st due to some scheduled appointments.  We decided to check out the light show after dinner.  Cam and his grandpa were in the backseat with Jane driving and Oma seated in the passenger view.  There were only a handful of cars in front of us and we were up to the ticket booth in just a couple of minutes.  The attendant there told us that the wait had been as long as 3 hours just to get in!  We were thankful we picked New Year's Eve to make our trek.  The Christmas light show was simply awesome.  We were smiling the entire time commenting on one set up to the next.

One of the best parts of the week after Dec. 25th is enjoying the gifts given and received.  Cam declared our new family bread maker as one of his favorites.  It is a bit surprising how quickly a homemade loaf of bread can be devoured.  Jane was thoroughly excited about her new 'armed' monitors for her work desk.  Chris and his son had it all set up for her by Christmas morning.

We all enjoyed putting together new puzzles designed by Cam and his mom on the Walgreens website.  Jane scanned some old photos and she and her son had a great time picking out which ones to use.  The puzzles were ready for pickup in just a day and we were super happy with how they turned out.  Cam kept laughing about some of the old photos of his grandparents indicating that it could not be them in the pictures!

"Wearable Blankets"
Due to some icy weather, Cam's grandparents ended up staying an extra day which we were all thankful for.  Oma was able to see the latest Doctor Dolittle movie with us and share a cozy afternoon on the couch.   To celebrate the new year. our family shared a delicious crab and steak dinner.  Cam bravely tasted the crab but explained he did not really like it.  We appreciated him trying it.  Before eating, our son said a blessing.  "I am thankful we are all healthy and that Oma and Opa are with us. I hope 2021 is a good year!"                             
In the spirit of hopefulness and going above and beyond, we saw this commercial and it reminds us that everyone is capable of giving, even to those we do not know.

Camology Quotes:
During the holiday break, Jane went to pick up Qdoba for lunch.  They were very generous with their portions.  Cam's usual order is a chicken taco in a soft shell tortilla.  Typically, it includes a couple tablespoons of chicken.  This particular one looked to be at least 5 tablespoons.  Cam was astounded and declared.
  "Mom, they really hooked me up!  This is a lot of chicken!"

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