Sunday, August 28, 2016

Just Be Thankful - Week of Aug. 22nd

Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul.  ~Henry Ward Beecher

Sometimes we think of taking that extra step to thank someone, but maybe we get side-tracked or focused on other things.  Not Cam.  He has gotten in the habit of wanting to find a way to thank others.  Besides being verbally grateful, he has discovered there are various avenues and ways to reach out.
When eating garlic bread with
dinner one evening, he remarked that it was his favorite and he wanted to know if we could send them a note.  He also inquired how the bread arrived at D&W (where it was purchased) and if they could please keep sending it.  Lest his parents forget, he proceeded to ask until a note that he had recited was written, a picture taken and printed, all put in a envelope with the address.  In addition, an email of thanks was sent via the website.  Incidentally, all of the information was easily found on the box of bread.  Within two days, we received the following response:
Thank you for contacting T. Marzetti Company about New York Bakery® Texas Toast. It is always a pleasure to receive compliments from our consumers.
The time taken to share your thoughts with us is greatly appreciated. We are happy to hear we are producing items that are enjoyed by our loyal consumers.
Our New York Bakery® garlic breads are baked in our facilities then frozen. Retailers like D&W place orders for our breads where we add them to trucks that haul frozen items to distributor warehouses. Then retailers receive trucks from these warehouses at their stores where they sell our delicious breads.
Thank you for your continued support of our products.
Deb H.
Consumer Services Representative
T. Marzetti Company

In order to thank the Wyoming Police Dept for the personal tour on his birthday, Cam wanted to bring them treats and pictures of the visit.  Multiple loaves of banana bread and chocolate chip cookies were baked and packed in a basket with the printed pics.  The following email was received that very afternoon: 
Marge & Cam
The banana bread and cookies were a hit but everyone loved looking at the pictures most!  Cam is just the sweetest and has the best smile.  Please let him know, these pictures will be sitting on a lot of Officer's desk at the Wyoming Department of Public Safety!!    
 Thanks again for the treat and please bring Cam back to visit!  We'd love to see him again!

Continuing on with gratitude, a copy of the police picture was given to Marge's Donut Shop.  Marge's baked the awesome police cake and cupcakes that the Police Dept gave Cam.  Who knew Ms. Marge herself would be there when Cam stopped by to thank her and give her the pic?  In return, the nine-year-old received an authentic Marge's t-shirt!
Emma & Cam selfie

We have explained to Cam there are people and things to be thankful for and responses, gifts and reciprocation are never a requirement.  There are many times when it is better to give than receive.
The gift of friends, like Emma, are priceless.
Finding time to take a break from work and head to the shore for a short time is invaluable.
Having a grandma close by who plays on the beach at a moment's notice is something we can never give enough thanks for.
Introducing those we care about to the places we love and sharing adventures at Lake Michigan is a treasure.

Give thanks,  And don't forget.  If you let us know, Cam will be sure to remind you!
Amanda's 1st visit to the cottage!

Camology Quotes:

After swimming in the big lake and playing in the sand, Cam suddenly announced:

"This is the life!"

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