Sunday, August 7, 2016

Beaching It - Week of Aug. 1st

"You can shake the sand from your feet, but not your soul..." ~Author Unknown (yet known by all those who are connected to the shoreline)

There is a sign that hangs in our living room: "The Beach is My Happy Place" given to us by our dear, awesome friend known as 'Auntie' Karen.
It reminds us of the place we go to feel at peace, to breathe in fresh air and put our toes in the warm sand and bodies in the unsalted water.
We enjoyed a couple of awesome beach days with Oma, Opa, cousins, aunts and uncles.

Cousin Eric was kind enough to take us for a boat ride Saturday afternoon.  The water was fairly choppy when Jane & Cam took their place at the bow of the boat.  Due to their up front vantage point, a couple of big waves made a huge splash right over the top of them simultaneously causing them to get drenched, surprised and laugh about the entire scene.  Even with the somewhat bumpy ride, feeling the waves guide us through the whitecaps was exhilarating. We're definitely considering a waterproof camera for future outings.

Not only was the beach great for strolling, but the sandbars are so shallow!  It was easy to push the Cam Mobile through the water, especially when its wheels are actually on the sand versus floating as they normally are that far out in the lake.
Many sand muffins, pies and pizzas were made on the shoreline when we weren't all hanging out right in Lake Michigan.
The following day brought calm waters and kayak rides.  When asked if Cam preferred the bumpy ride or the quiet kayaking, like any boy, his response was an exuberant, "the boat ride!"

We thoroughly enjoyed some VIP visitors this week- Ms. Sarah, all the way from Colorado to spend time with her fam at Stony Lake and see us for dinner one evening.  She's a speech language pathologist and was very impressed by Cam's increased vocabulary.  Her boyfriend is a month away from being a police office in training which Cam was super excited to hear about.  Sarah was introduced to Sergeant Cooper (shown on the tv behind Cam) to be certain to let her boyfriend, Josh know all about it.

Cousin Steff gave Cam an early birthday present- a police speed boat to race in the water!   Cam thought it was so cool!  Our entire fam enjoyed a tasty dinner at Old Channel Inn, compliments of Opa and Oma- many thanks!

We had the pleasure of hosting Oma, the world's best grandma (according to Cam and Steff) and premiere applesauce maker.

As summer continues to travel at a record pace, it's hard to believe August is already here.  And with summer comes the realization that there's nothing quite comparable to the sand in your toes, your bed, the car and anywhere else you landed.  It's a small price to pay for a front-seat view of the best sunsets anywhere around!

Camology Quotes:
Cam is very observant and always seems to notice if something, anything is out of place.
Oma thought she may have done something wrong when Cam announced:
"Oma, I need to talk to you." 
What is it Cam? asked Oma, rather nervously.
"You left your slippers in the bathroom!"

*please note- it may not sound funny until you hear Cam's super squeaky giggle-speaking when he thinks something is beyond hilarious!

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