Sunday, September 4, 2016

Cabin Camping and Cottage Calm - Week of Aug. 29th

Mom & Cam
Have you heard the term "glamping?"  It's referred to as glamorous camping.  While rustic camping provides the real outdoors experience with tenting and outhouses, we opted to attempt the other side of the axis in a cabin complete with a sink and toilet!  Hungry Horse Campground, located just under 30 minutes from our home not only offered this option but also had a cabin with a ramp for Cam's chair!
Dad & Cam

Cam & Auntie Karen
Upon entrance, the wooded area was inviting and serene.  Cam and Jane had a hearty laugh when they drove up to the cabin because it looked so small from the outside.  But once inside, we saw the mini fridge, microwave, ceiling fan, bunk beds, double bed, small couch, dining table with chairs and even a window a.c. unit.  Of course, the bathroom with toilet and sink as well as a dresser completed the tour.  It felt downright spacious with all of the amenities. Auntie Karen arrived shortly after and the three cabin mates couldn't wait to go exploring and find the solar-heated pool.  The pool included a separate splashpad and even had a lift to help move Cam in and out of the water.

Cam & Miss Rose
Gazebo Theater
The owners Norm and Nancy were so incredibly friendly and helpful.  The campground was full of surprises- live goats that Auntie Karen and Cam discovered on a stroll, a big jump pad (much like a trampoline but larger and not quite as much bounce) jumped on by Jane, Cam & Auntie Karen.  Playgrounds and even nice hot showers and more toilets!  Chris joined us in the evenings after work and was able to get in the pool too.  We grilled outside for meals and made s'mores around our campfire.  We met a new friend, Ms. Rose, who gave Cam a pillowcase with baseballs on it, and talked about her love of teaching and helping kids.  Our last evening included watching a movie that Nancy asked Cam to pick out.  He decided on "Finding Nemo."  The makeshift theater was in the outdoor gazebo.  We all munched on delicious popcorn.
The two nights and two and a half days were memorable. We cannot thank Auntie Karen enough for her time, energy and exuberance when needed most!

After an evening back home, we were off to the cottage to spend the night with Oma and Opa.  The weather was beautiful but Lake Michigan had acquired a chill to the tune of a drop in water temperature by almost 15 degrees!  The beach, however, still looked inviting enough to play in the sand.

Jane & Cam watching the sun set
Auntie Jo and Will joined us and although we didn't do any swimming, the kayak enjoyed full use.
We dined outside, which we were very accustomed to this week, and our family witnessed a picture perfect sunset together.

This week, we decided Cam may be watching old movies when we're not around based upon some interesting comments....
When Cam awoke the morning we were destined for the campground, he declared "I love the great outdoors!"  Upon getting ready for bed, he was snuggled under the covers and said "It's good to be home.  There's no place like home."  Truly Cam, we couldn't agree more.

Camology Quotes:

Cam's Elementary School hosted an open house.  One of his teachers (Miss Kathy) and speech pathologist (Miss Kate) asked what he would be doing the rest of the afternoon.  His reply:
"Happy Hour!"
followed by very surprised looks from Kathy & Kate.  To which Mom indicated:
"Please tell them where Happy Hour is, Cam..."
"Culver's!"  (for those of you unfamiliar, Culver's offer $1 short shakes in the afternoon hours)

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