Sunday, June 1, 2008

Congradulations Lauren! - Week of May 26th

Now that Cameron has been exposed to more people in the last couple of months, Chris & Jane decided that they would see if Cam could adjust to a new babysitter. Like all difficult challenges, Cameron tested his new sitter, Sarah, the first evening. But, by the second time she came to visit, Cam gave Sarah a break and accepted her in.

Saturday was a big day for Cam- 'Big Sis' Lauren had her high school grad open house. Cameron spent lots of time being held by many pretty ladies, especially 'Sweet Andrea' and he thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it!

Sunday was a special treat for Chris, Jane & Cam. They ventured out on a long walk to one of their favorite places for a late breakfast, the Gathering Place. Cameron was such a good boy hanging out in his stroller the entire time.

Cameron is working on learning to roll around and also sitting up in his high chair to eat three times a day. However, it's easy to see that his favorite activity to practice is definitely laughing! His giggle is infectious and Chris & Jane can't help thinking that's it the best sound in the whole wide world.

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