Thursday, June 12, 2008

Happy BDay Mommy - Week of June 9th

The family celebrated Jane's 3xth birthday on Monday! Cameron didn't say 'mama' this week, but Grandma Mary Ellen swears that she heard Cam say 'mommy!' Well, it seems that he hasn't uttered this word in the company of anyone else, but Jane is definitely not debating what Grandma heard!

Cameron tried out a new toy- the safari roll. Although he wasn't quite sure what to do with it, he seemed to find it interesting and decided it tasted pretty good...

Cam is definitely wanting to explore the world around him. He looks like he's getting to crawl as he tries to coordinate all limbs to move forward. He's not quite there yet, but works very diligently at this task.

Jane's family thinks he's a 'cuddlebug' (Jane's term) because he loves to snuggle when he's sleepy or when he's just woken up.

Chris celebrated his first official Father's Day on Sunday! Although Cameron didn't say 'dada' or 'daddy' it's obvious to everyone how very much father and son adore each other!!

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