Sunday, June 29, 2008

Summer Time - Week of June 23rd

Summer is in full force and Cameron had a little backyard time with Chris over the weekend. The grass seemed to tickle his toes a bit, but it already seems that he will have a great love of the outdoors, just like his parents.

It was a busy weekend for the Weatherfords. Friday evening included a dinner & homemade ice cream tasting contest with 2 neighborhood families. Cameron was watching all of the neighborhood kids running around and playing, knowing that someday he'll join in the festivities. Cam also had fun attending a going away party for friends Laurie and Randy. As you can see, Cam's not too happy in this picture, but that's because a nasty mosquito is trying to have him for dinner!

After the party, Chris & Jane took Cameron to visit with his godparents, Chris & Jo. In this picture, Cam's godfather is giving him a "high 5." Cam had lots of fun looking at all of the toys his future best friend, Will, has received. Will is due to enter this world in early September. It was quite funny to see Katie the cat, react to Cameron.
On Sunday, Cam's babysitter, Sarah, came over to hang out with him while Chris & Jane went on a movie date. Thanks Sarah!!

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