Sunday, June 8, 2008

Weekend at the Cottage - Week of June 2nd

Wow- Chris and Jane have never been this late with a posting. For those of you who are 'regular' Cam bloggers, it won't happen again.

It's true when people say babies change so quickly and every day seems to bring something new!

Cameron keeps practicing his tummy time and playing with toys while on his back. He loves to chew on his fingers and his new favorite 'word' or sound is "oooohhhhh." It's very funny when he says it, because it's not just one time, but over and over. This makes Chris and Jane giggle and then, of course, Cameron giggles.

Cam's eating his stage 2 Gerber food in his highchair and loves to throw the plastic keys on the floor. He really seems to like almost every food he tries, but his definite favorites are squash, sweet potatoes, and bananas, in that order.

Cameron spent the weekend at the family cottage on Lake Michigan and although, it was a wet, rainy weekend, he spent time with his Aunties, cousins, godparents and friends. Cam gave them all a show, giggling, oh-ing, and providing the best entertainment anywhere around!

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