Sunday, June 22, 2008

Puff...Yummy! - Week of June 16th

This week included a couple of new eating adventures for Cameron. First, he tried Gerber Graduate Puffs for the first time. If you've never seen these, they look similar to a Lucky Charms piece of cereal (not the blue diamonds or purple horseshoes). The puffs dissolve easily and they're supposed to help in the process of switching to more solid foods. Cam wasn't quite sure what to do with the puff at first, but he seems to like them.

Over the weekend, Chris & Jane once again celebrated Jane's birthday with a special cake from her favorite bakery (Ryke's!), compliments of Grandma Mary Ellen. Chris thought Cameron might like a little itsy, bitsy taste of ice cream.
And of course, just like his parents, he really seemed to love it!

Cam saw a beautiful Lake Michigan sunset at the family cottage and hung out with all of his cousins, aunts, uncles and Grandma & Grandpa. He even met cousin David for the first time, visiting from Texas.

For those of you trying to read what is on Cameron's shirt, it says "I TCP/IP, but mostly IP." If you're into technology like Cam's parents, then this should give you a little chuckle...

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Anonymous said...

Does Cam TCP/IP through his
AS2??? HAHAHA...couldn't resist.

From another IT geek, Marcy. :)