Sunday, June 9, 2024

School Out/Summer In - Week of June 3rd

Happiness is waking up, looking at the clock and finding out you still have two hours left to sleep." ~Charles M. Schulz

And just like that, Cameron's sophomore year of high school came to a close on Wednesday, June 5th. 

His afternoon bus driver, Ms. Christy, has known Cam since he was an elementary student.  These two share a special bond.  After sending this picture, Ms. Christy told Jane that "I'll keep this in my feel good file so I can look at it when I'm feeling down."

After waking up at 5:45am every week day during the school year, Cam wasted no time adjusting to his "sleep-in" schedule on Thursday morning.  His summer hours of awakening typically occur during the timeframe of 8-8:30am.  

Cameron has worked with the Grand Valley State University graduate PT program for many years now. If Dr. Lisa asks for assistance, he is always eager to help.  On Friday, a request had been made for Cam to be videoed while driving his power wheelchair, following direction provided from a student.  

Jane and Cam arrived after lunch and had fun exploring the large innovation center.  They found many other mobility contraptions in an office during their exploration.  The PT team asked Cam to navigate areas and conduct some hairpoint turns.

In the early evening, it was off to another adventure.  At Fishbeck, where Chris works, an outdoor summer shindig was in full swing.  Cam, his mom and Ms. Amanda arrived to see an assortment of food and drinks. There was even an ice cream truck with multiple flavors to choose from!  After eating dinner, Cam and Amanda headed back home while Chris and Jane made their way to have dinner at Bonefish Grill.

Saturday afternoon, it was quite cloudy and overcast but we still ventured up north to visit cousins.  Coco prepared a special birthday dinner for Jane with homemade chocolate chip cookies for dessert.  Cam helped taste test the dough before it even went into the oven.  Freshly baked, warm cookies are definitely one of our top favorites!

Sunday was Jane's birthday and Oma and Opa had invited us for dinner.  

We arrived later in the day and the weather cooperated.  After a lengthy stroll outside in the warm breeze, we determined we could dine outdoors on their community patio.  Since Cam's grandparents are on the ground floor, it's a short walk to the peaceful seating area.

Oma surprised Jane with a cake from our family favorite Michigan bakery, Ryke's. The raspberry filling on the inside and the ice cream accompanying our dessert made for the perfect combination.  

Truly, though, the best combination is being together and celebrating each other.

Camology Quotes:

Change can be difficult, especially when it's a part of a long-standing routine.  Cam's parents didn't think switching their son's toothpaste would be too traumatic.  The evening that they did, Cam's sour face said it all.  They were not, however, expecting the following response from their son:

"The indignity I go through!"

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Cam is so ridiculously smart. I love that boy and his sense of humor!! 💙😆