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The Art of the Possible - Week of May 27th

"The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls." ~Pablo Picasso

Cameron attends an adaptive art class in high school. Near the end of the school year, there is an open house to showcase all of the artwork the students have created. Cam's parents were both able to attend and they were very surprised by the display.
At first, Jane thought the pottery on the table was for decoration, but her son informed her he had made it. The arrangement included a trio of small bowls for candy, a large mug and a ceramic flower holder to place stems in. In addition to those items, the wall was adorned with beautiful artwork and expressions. 
One piece that caught the attention of both parents was a piece entitled:
"Important Questions and Feelings"
Where do you think you'll be in the next 5 years? 
I don't know.
What I'm most looking forward to in my life (short term): to practice and learn new stuff.
What I'm most looking forward to in my life (long term): To be in a group home!
Someone who has had the most impact on me and why: My mom and dad because they help me a lot.
Other people you will never forget that are important in your life right now: All of my friends.
What are you most thankful for? My family and friends!
I think others would say the best thing about me is: That I am nice and kind!
Something most people don't know is: That I am not always nice to my parents.
I was most scared when: Really loud noises.
The most important thing I've learned about life so far is: You should never be upset about what how you are or can't change.
Bucket list (things I want to do before it's too late!): I want to be more independent!
"A Reflection from Me:"
Write a short note to yourself about anything you want.  Always be Awesome!!!

It seemed like a bit of a mini reunion seeing some of Cam's favorite people including Mrs. Festian and Ms. Michelle.  He also saw his 7/8 teacher, Mrs. Wells.  Jane was able to gather the pottery pieces and bring them home to save them from the bus ride.

Oma and Opa stayed with us for two nights. 
We all surprised Cam by not telling him about incoming visitors, Auntie Karen and Sue. He was so very happy!  It had been almost two years since he'd seen Karen. The sisters traveled from the Chicago area and booked a cabin at the campground we all used to stay at, Hungry Horse.  We all enjoyed each other's company during our dinner.  The evening went by much too quickly.
Jane drove Oma and Opa back to their home on Friday while Cam was at school.  Having his grandparents stay with us is always a highlight.  Even as he's grown older, he still requests in-person good nights from his family.

In the afternoon, Cam's mom picked him up from school since he was scheduled to work.  At the Grand Valley University building downtown, the Physical Therapy graduate students awaited his arrival.  In essence, Cameron acts as their "live" PT patient and he helps them understand the best way to work with him.  They ask him multiple types of questions and they interview Jane about his background and early years. 
At the close of the session, we talked about the last baseball game scheduled for the next day.  The group of PT students asked Cam if it was WMML?  He emphatically told them it was.  They couldn't believe it since a few of the girls in his group were actually signed up to volunteer!

Saturday morning, Chris and Cam headed to the ball park, while Jane was scheduled to attend a bridal shower.  Cameron was fully supported for the final game of the season.  The GVSU PT grad students rallied around him as volunteers. Auntie Karen and Sue cheered on Cam before they were back on the road towards Chicago. (We are so grateful they made the long trip!)
Ms. Barbara and Ms. Kathy and husband Kevin were happy spectators too, seeing their former grade school students, Cam and Brody.
After the game, each kiddo receives a West Michigan Miracle League medal for being a participant in the spring season.

Later that same day, a graduate open house was held at Brody's Be Cafe.  Both Brody and Cam were invited by Addy, a senior grad and peer helper in their classroom.  She was happy to see the buddies and thanked them for coming to support her. 
It's strange to think that in just 2 years, Cameron and best bud, Brody will be graduating as well!

Camology Quotes:

Monday was Memorial Day.  Jane and her son always make a point to thank Chris for his service from when he was in the Marine Corps. Cam's dad mentioned he was donating blood this week to which his son commented:

"Dad, you're helping your country in two ways- giving blood and that you served your country!"

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