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Jamming Along - Week of June 10th

"Happiness is like jam. You can't spread even a little without getting some on yourself." ~Anonymous

It was a seriously jammed packed week! 

We made our annual visit to Heidi's Farmstand to check in with one of our favorites, Ms. Pat.  She has known Cameron since he was able to fit in the front of the small shopping cart.  Every time we see her when she is working, she refers to Cam as her "boyfriend" and they both giggle.

It was very late Monday evening when Chris's youngest brother, Ulysses arrived with his girlfriend, Rae. They were spending two nights with us on their return road trip from Vermont to Kansas.  On Tuesday, it was back to work at Brody's Be Cafe. Cam saw one of our very good friends, Jenna, who just happened to be at the Ada location.

One of the best parts of working the hot dog cart is being able to spend time with buddies.  Best bud, Brody, and good friend, Madison, were outside alongside Cam to help sell lunch items and bring people over.

Work efforts were also in full-time mode at home.  It was strawberry jam production time!  Making the sweet treat is one of our traditions.  We truly believe the Michigan berries (and perhaps the large amount of sugar) make it the best-tasting stuff around.  Uncle Ulysses and Ms. Amanda provided expert mashing assistance.  

Ulysses and Rae were back on the road early Thursday a.m, with frozen strawberry jam. We were so happy they were able to visit and have a couple of days with us.  

Friday was another dual activity day.  In the morning, Jane took Cam over to GV for his job with the graduate PT students.  The college kids had an assignment to create a challenge for Cam.  They had a driving course all set up when we arrived.  Cameron went through multiple time trials.  He then moved onto a stand-up punch test where he was asked to press on the circles from a standing position.  While Cam was busy with the students, Dr. Lisa (head of the program) told Jane that she had recently been involved in an global online course and was asked who was an inspiration to her.  Dr. Lisa shared that she said Cam was her named individual!  She told Jane that he is always up for a challenge, has a positive attitude, is very empathetic and she is constantly learning from him.

After a quick lunch at home, Cameron was off to the Mary Free Bed Sailing Clinic at the Grand Rapids Yacht Club.  It was a warm, breezy day.  We saw our good friend, April, who was also in attendance.
Cam thought that getting into the sailboat may be a bit tough and not too comfortable.  We opted for the pontoon cruise around all of Reeds Lake instead.  It was a great day to be in a leisurely boat ride.

Early the next morning, we were off for the annual non-profit "Walk for the Challenged" led by Lori's Voice.  Chris is a board member and he arrived early.  Jane and Cam parked at the Berlin Raceway before the event began.  There were so many sponsors lining the track.  So many friends were in attendance and there was news coverage as well.  Members of the GVSU Dance Team snapped a pic with Cam and local newscaster Rachel Ruiz and her daughter posed with Jane and her son.  Friends April and Serenity as well as Cam all stopped on the racetrack to chat with Lori Hastings, the founder of Lori's Voice.

One of the highlights of the morning was meeting Chef Jenna, a local celebrity!  She owns Amore, where Cam's parents dined Friday evening (and highly recommend!).  Chef Jenna began a non-profit called Food Hugs which was represented at the Walk For The Challenged.  The Chef gifted Cam a Food Hugs shirt.  After the Walk, Cam and Jane drove to see Oma and Opa to spend the afternoon there.  It is always good to see them!

Sunday was the day to celebrate dads. Cam requested a surprise breakfast for his Daddio.  Jane ordered online and picked up his favorite first meal of the day. In the afternoon, we gave Chris a new hammock chair.  Cam presented his dad with a framed picture that he had created in digital arts at school.  Chris said it was his favorite one. Chris is Cam's hero and Jane knows he takes his role of fatherhood seriously, but is a premiere teller of bad dad jokes 🤣  

Camology Quotes:

When Jane and her son drove into the Rosy Mound community to visit Cam's grandparents, Jane read the sign out loud since it makes her smile.  It read:  SLOW Drive Like Your Grandparents Live Here.  Cam commented: 

"Humorous, Rosy Mound!"

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