Sunday, September 3, 2023

Pontoon Cruising - Week of Aug. 28th

“Shells sink, dreams float, life’s good on the boat.” ~Jimmy Buffet
“Land was created to provide a place for boats to visit.” ~Brooks Atkinson

It was a short school week for Cameron due to the Labor Day holiday weekend.  He thoroughly enjoyed sleeping in Friday morning.  Ms. Amanda joined her buddy for the day since her kindergarten students had the day off too.  
At the beginning of the summer, Cam had asked Amanda what shows she watched as a kid.  "Full House" was one of her favorites so during their down time, they began watching the old series from the beginning. Since Amanda didn't see Cam on his birthday, she brought him a present.  The dvd of the first season of the sequel to the original show is Fuller House and Cam is now the proud owner.  That day he also wore his "Rocky Raccoon" shirt which was a gift from his Uncle Jon and Aunt Betsy.  The Beatles song is one of his uncle's favorites. 

We were excited for the weekend and Saturday morning, we packed up the van to travel to Whitehall.  
For Cam's 16th birthday experience, we had reserved a pontoon boat for two hours.  Chris and Jane talked extensively to the owners about the possibility of their son being able to drive his powerchair onto the boat.  Cam's chair is 450lbs and there is a weight limit for any lake vessel.  After gaining concurrence from the owners, we were anticipating this first-time experience for our son. 
KAC Boat Rentals was our destination.  Oma and Opa met us there to enjoy the cruise as well. After a minor snafu with our reservation, we were on the water and cruising around White Lake!  Even though it wasn't very sunny, the ride on the pontoon boat was so much fun.  Chris was our captain and expertly navigated us from one side to the other, slowing down to take in the view.  The time went by quickly and upon our return, one of the owners had balloons, a card and candy for Cam to commemorate his birthday and first pontoon ride in his powerchair. 

On Sunday, we headed north once again since the forecast called for a perfect beach day.  The wind and waves felt refreshing and the sunshine was in full force.  Oma and Opa stayed at the cottage and enjoyed the sand in the afternoon too.  Cam's beach chair kept him comfortable at the shoreline.  Our youngest cousin decided to nap close to the sand.  Our outdoor dinner that evening was most delicious as we devoured grilled burgers and hot dogs with all the fixings.  Since Monday was a holiday, we stayed later.  The Haroldson family gave Cam an Old Channel Inn sweatshirt for a bday and end of summer present.  We had to say goodbye to JJ and Jeff since they would be headed east in a few days.  
Somehow, when Labor Day weekend arrives it feels like summer just started.  Seeing the Lake Michigan sunset on Sunday evening was the perfect farewell gift to our favorite Michigan season!

Camology Quotes:

Cam was telling Jane about his classmates at school and decided to give his own philosophical viewpoint.

"I am nice to my friends. What comes around goes around."

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Jellema Leopolds said...

Happt Birthday, Cam!! Your boat ride looks awesome— tell your dad next time he needs to drive it down to Holland to visit Maple Beach!