Sunday, September 17, 2023

What Makes You Happy - Week of Sept. 11

"For every minute you are angry, you lose sixty seconds of happiness." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

"The art of being happy lies in the power of extracting happiness from common things." ~Henry Ward Beecher

We often hear people tell us that Cam always looks so happy.  The simple response: he typically is.  

This week, Chris traveled to Cincinnati for a few days to check in with other work offices and employees.  During some downtime, Jane and her son explored new programs to watch.  As a rule-abiding kid, Cameron has always enjoyed tv shows dealing with law enforcement.  We stumbled upon Louisiana Law which follows the men and women of the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.  It is a documentary showing the officers on patrol and what they encounter.  Most interesting to Cam are the behaviors of the individuals being questioned as well as their subsequent consequences.  Another request was a show he'd only watched a few times with his mom- Hoarders.  The different programs provided opportunity for lots of conversation.

Friday evening, Cam and Ms. Amanda made dinner and watched a movie at home while Chris and Jane attended a non-profit event for Lori's Voice.

Saturday morning, we welcomed Oma and Opa at our house.  From there, we all traveled to the ball park for the second game of the season.  We were greeted by so many Cam Fans, we couldn't believe it! Ms. Kathy, her husband, Kevin and their two granddaughters were the first ones we ran into.  Ms. Kathy was an elementary school teacher for Cam and Brody.  She has never missed a West Miracle League season!

Mary Jo used to hang out with Cam and Brody when they were younger and a memorable outing for them all was to the Lowell Fair.  She and her mom, Ms. Cris, along with one of her brothers were all spotted in the bleachers.  Ms. Cris was a classroom aide for Cam and Brody in elementary school.  

Patti and Steve, our close friends and even closer neighbors also made the trek to Rockford.  When their daughters were younger, we tried to be in attendance for many of their soccer games.  They have, in turn, made it one of Cam's games most every single season. The connections seem endless sometimes.
Oma and Opa love cheering on their grandson.  We know Cameron is so fortunate to have them at a game and he is always so proud. 

We were happy they could spend the night with us.  Our flank steak dinner with veggies and potatoes tasted extra yummy from our backyard grill.  

Sunday was relaxing, hanging out with Cam's grandparents and catching up on some football.  The weekend went by much too quickly, as most do.  

And although Cameron does appear to be in a great mood most of the time, he does and will request that his mom stop taking pictures😉

Camology Quotes:

Jane was wondering what made Cam wanted to watch the show, "Hoarders." Some people find it depressing to see a documentary-style program depicting a real situation of someone's compulsive need to fill space with an excessive amount of things.  She asked him why he chose it?

"Because Mom, it always ends up happy."

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