Sunday, September 24, 2023

Coming Home - Week of Sept. 18th

"When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on." ~Theodore Roosevelt

It was a challenging week in the Weatherford household.  Cam contracted a cold and retained a nasty cough for 4 entire days and nights.  He didn't attend school until Friday.  We weren't certain if his weekend activities would be a possibility, but we were hopeful.

After successfully making it through three scheduled appointments at Mary Free Bed on Wednesday, he felt much better as the week progressed.  Thankfully, he was able to purchase his ticket for the Homecoming Dance during his school day on Friday.

Saturday morning, we all slept in a bit since we didn't need to leave for the ball park until 10:15a.  Once again, there were Cam Fan surprises awaiting us.  

Brand new to the WMML experience was Morgan.  Cam met Morgan, a RN in training, at MFB Wheelchair Sports Camp.  The two of them spent quite a bit of time together during camp and we've remained in touch.  When she found an open Saturday, she let us know she'd attend the game, but we kept it a surprise from Cam.  Not only did she arrive early, but she also made a sign for her buddy to cheer him on.  

Another bonus was that Cam's buddy, April, was playing on the opposing team for his game.  At the wheelchair sports camp, April also met Morgan so she was very happy to reunite with her as well.

Coleen, the Executive Director for Renew Mobility, loves baseball and has been in attendance every season since Jane joined the Board of Directors and Cam was appointed a Youth Ambassador for the non-profit organization. 

Cam and Brody's first elementary school teacher was Ms. Barbara.  She taught both boys from kindergarten through second grade and remained a part of their community activities.  We've seen her most every season at the WMML games and she brought one of her daughters to Saturday's game. It's so hard to believe Barbara has known the boys for more than 10 years.

As sophomores in high school, the guys and their friends had the opportunity to attend the Homecoming Dance at the high school with a pre-purchased ticket.  Thanks to parent email communication, a location for pictures and dinner was scheduled for Saturday early evening.

The weather turned out to be the best case scenario.  It was warm, but not hot and the sun was shining. As the friends all gathered on a grassy hill, proud parents captured the moment.  There was quite a bit of laughter and joking around.  They were also a bit surprised by seeing each other all dressed up!

Chris stayed home, attempting to rid himself of a cold he picked up.  

After the photo shoot, many of the parents and all of the friend group dined at a nearby restaurant.  The dance was scheduled from 8-10p.  By the time the group wrapped up dinner and made their way to the high school, it was after 8p.  The line to enter the school was quite long and the friends didn't make it onto the dance floor until close to 8:30p.  For the duration of time, Cam declared it was fun, but really hot in the area where everyone was dancing.

Although the dance experience for Cameron is different from his friend group, his parents didn't hear a single complaint.  He even practiced his dance moves while waiting for pictures.

Our tenth grader was simply excited to be hanging out with his friends in perhaps one of the largest social settings they'll be a part of in high school.

Camology Quotes:

With the multiple of MFB appointments on Wednesday, Jane decided she would visit one of his specialist's office in person to discuss a billing issue instead of calling on the phone.  Cam has heard (numerous times) his mom contacting organizations to review such things.  When Jane told her son she'd catch up with he and Chris after the billing chat, his immediate response was:

"You'll ask for the manager, right?" 

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