Sunday, August 27, 2023

School Again, Welcome to Grade 10 - Week of Aug. 21st

"A well-educated mind will always have more questions than answers." ~Helen Keller

5:30am seemed extra early on Monday, August 21.  It also marked the earliest date for the first day of learning in all of Cam's past schooling.  Our son was ready to begin his sophomore year.

Change is inevitable... new students, new bus driver, new schedule.  For Cameron, questions arise.  With each different factor, though, his acceptance seems to come more readily.

As the week progressed, the nerves subsided and we all started to become accustomed to our new routine.  High school students were able to enter through the enormous Huskies mascot tunnel.  Cam's former bus driver, Ms. Christy was able to capture the moment.

Thursday evening, a heavy thunderstorm came through our area.  Chris and Jane couldn't recall if they'd ever received a tornado text alert, so this one was a bit surprising.  The power flickered but we remained intact.  The damage in our surrounding neighborhood included downed trees and loss of electricity on other streets.  The tornado destruction was roughly 30 minutes away.  We were very fortunate.

Friday evening and most of the day Saturday, we were without internet service.  We quickly figured out how to improvise.  After connecting to a wifi hotspot, we accessed our streaming services from the laptop and projected it to the tv.  Cam was instrumental making certain all of the steps were followed.

Sunday was our beach day!  It was windy and wavy and the sunshine was abundant.  We had a picnic lunch on the deck and remained by the shoreline for the afternoon.

The water was warm enough to venture in.  Cam is more accustomed to his new beach mobile and is much more comfortable.

With our beach days winding down, these lakeside moments seem that much more precious.

Camology Quotes:

Cameron is used to dealing with change, but at times, he is frustrated by it. Cam was relaying to his mom that there was a new student who was quite loud.  Unexpected noise is typically jarring for Cam.  Jane was pleasantly surprised by his follow-up comment:

"I will give him grace, Mom. I'm sure he's probably nervous about being in a new place."

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BJ said...

First of all, the idea of Cam as a 10th Grader is just mind-boggling. And Cams comment about offering Grace to an annoying class-mate is a perfect example of what his parents have modeled for him. Love all 3 of you so much, AB