Sunday, May 8, 2022

Husky of the Month - Week of May 2nd

Cam has been a part of the Forest Hills Northern school district since kindergarten.  In the 7/8 middle school building, every school day begins with CREW.

The CREW experience:
  • Our Husky CREW encourages all members of our school community to work together to build meaningful relationships, reflect on and monitor academic progress, and to focus on character development.  CREW is a place where all students feel like they belong and can succeed.
  • Positively CONNECT to the Husky CREW Community
  • Be Respectful - RESPECT yourself, others and our community
  • Show EMPATHY -Understand and appropriately respond to the feelings/actions of others
  • WORK Hard - Always Be your best! No exceptions, No excuses!
Proud Parents!

When departing the bus last Monday, our 8th grader announced there was a letter from school in his backpack that Jane had to read.  He was so excited to share the news that he had been selected as one of the Students of the Month!  Cam and his parents were invited to attend a short ceremony before school on Thursday.  The principal read a slide depicting the student's picture and a paragraph of the teacher's nomination sent in.  The following was read by Dr. Simpson and written by his teacher, Mrs. Wells.

"Cam displays the CREW principles of Connect, Respect, Empathy and Work.  Cam is very respectful, organized and empathetic to all of his classmates and teachers.  Cam has displayed a positive attitude towards all of his daily activities and work even when the work is challenging.  He thinks of others' feelings and makes efforts to praise and include his classmates daily.  Cam has many gifts but one of the most important is that he is able to see and empathize with his classmates in a sincere and kind manner.  Cam is mature beyond his years and is always prepared for his classes and thinks ahead about upcoming assignments and activities.  We are really proud of the learning that Cam has had over the past two years."

Mrs. Wells was able to see Cam's part in the ceremony and we snapped a picture of the two of them before classes began. The honored students even had the opportunity to grab some tasty bakery treats and drinks before they headed back down the hallway.

Saturday marked the second WMML game of the season and picture day for the players.  Best buds, Brody and Cam, were scheduled to play at 12:10pm.  It was windy but not as cold as the first gathering a week before.

It was a big "Cam Fan" day!  Ms. Barbara, Cam's K-2 teacher arrived along with Ms. Cris, former aide, and her daughter Mary Jo (a Cam-sitter).

Auntie Karen drove in all the way from the Chicago area, battling weekend festival traffic. She even brought Oma and Jane beautiful bouquets of tulips for Mother's Day. 

Friends from Hungry Horse camping, Lauren and Tyler found their way to the ballpark for the first time.  Oma and Opa joined us as well and we had planned a picnic lunch for our little group.  Karen brought the most delicious homemade chicken salad we had ever tasted!  Oma's homemade potato salad and some tasty treats from Cam's house completed our outdoor feast.

We were excited to have Oma and Opa with us Saturday night and we all watched a family movie together- "Remember the Titans," a personal favorite of Cam's parents.  

On Sunday, we celebrated Mother's Day with a delicious late brunch. Oma and her daughter exchanged cards and gifts.

Cam gave Jane a special card he had made at school along with a cookie jar filled with all of the dry ingredients to make chocolate chip cookies.  Jane told Cam what he wrote was a treasure to her. "Dear Mom, You are nice. You are kind. You are respectful. You are pretty. I love you very much. Cam."

Camology Quotes:

On Wednesday, the long-awaited ceiling track system was installed in 6 hours!  For our family, it is life-changing, allowing us to transport Cam from bed to bathroom.  We also discovered our son will be able to walk with assistance from the track.  Cam thanked the crew profusely for all of their hard work.  Chris and Jane realized it will take a few days to become acclimated to the new technology.  Cam came to this realization as well and once again, provided the most mature response.

"Mom, I need to start my bedtime routine 5 minutes early because you and Dad need extra time."

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