Sunday, August 30, 2020

Hardware Out, Grandparents In - Week of Aug. 24th

"There is only one way to look at things until someone shows us how to look at them with different eyes." ~Pablo Picasso

Over the course of the past 3 years, Cam has had surgery on both of his hips, first right and then left, 4 screws along with a plate on each side and has acquired a pair of stylish hospital socks each time.  On Tuesday, he was scheduled for hip surgery #4, hardware removal for the left hip.  We were instructed to arrive at the hospital by 6am for a 7:30 procedure.  One may think this is far too early, but it works well since Cam is not allowed to eat or even drink water until after the surgery. He wasn't nervous about the hospital outpatient stay since he'd already been through the exact same experience just 1.5 years ago.  Our son is typically in a good mood pre-surgery and a bit grumbly post-surgery, as is to be expected.  We arrived back home before 1pm in the afternoon.

To assist with Cam's recovery, Oma and Opa arrived on Wednesday, ready to spend two nights at our house so that Chris and Jane could continue their work meetings during the day.
Oma and Cam read books, completed science experiments and made homemade chicken tenders.
Chris and his son showed off their 3D printer skills as everyone watched the intricate plastic forming an ear saver device used for masks.  We were beyond thankful for all of the help from Cam's grandparents..

Late in the afternoon on Thursday, Chris and Jane were able to drive Cam over to the middle school for a tour and review of what the school day would like next week.
To say Cam was excited may be one of the biggest understatements of the year!
He has been anticipating the return of instruction, seeing his friends, and attending school in a different building, Forest Hills Northern Middle School.

Cam's positive outlook is always welcome.  Sometimes, though, it surprises even his parents.  While watching a medical show about mystery illnesses, a story centered around a girl who suddenly lost the ability to walk.  After several misdiagnoses, a neurologist finally discovered a genetic cause and began a treatment plan.  When she took her first independent steps again, Cam ecstatically yelled "Yay!  Look she can walk!"  There is joy for other's accomplishments where some may assume there would be frustration or even anger.  It is a powerful lesson for us all!

Camology Quotes:
Nurse Lindsey assisted with Cam's care during his outpatient stay.  When he returned to the recovery room, Chris and Jane were allowed to rejoin their son.  Lindsey asked us if anyone shared what Cam said right before surgery.  She told us that Nurse Dan, who looked quite strong, was the person who lifted Cam from the hospital bed to the surgical table.  Dan performed the action quickly, just like Cam's dad.  Immediately, Cam exclaimed:
"Well that was easy!"
Dan's response: "Maybe for you!"

Nurse Lindsey told us everyone had a good laugh over the exchange :-)

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