Sunday, March 8, 2020

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner - Week of Mar. 2nd

It's funny how you can say a phrase over and over and not realize its source or beginning...

The exact origin of the phrase winner winner chicken dinner is disputed, but it may have come from gamblers. The most popular origin story of the term is that a chicken dinner at a Las Vegas casino used to cost $2, the same amount as a standard bet. So, if you won a bet, you won a chicken dinner!
Deep discussion about chicken dinner
On Saturday evening or should we say early afternoon, Cam attended his very first chicken dinner in Hubbardston, Michigan for the cost of $10/person and $5/kid.  We arrived promptly at 4:30p to meet "Uncle" Bill and "Aunt" Pat (Jane's cousins).  We rode there with Coco and Libby (Bill's nieces) and Coco's fiance, Max.  Jane and her son had never attended the famous chicken dinner so they weren't quite sure what to expect.  Let's just say it was beyond Cam's expectations.
Upon being seated, fresh rolls and butter were provided.  After being asked what we wanted to drink, a hot plate of fried chicken, homemade mashed potatoes and gravy, baked beans and coleslaw all seemed to arrive simultaneously.  Directly following our meal, an entire dessert cart (not tray) appeared at our table with three levels of a multitude of pie and brownie choices.  Cam was impressed by the sheer speed of the entire event.  He's very accustomed to waiting quite awhile in restaurants and this chicken dinner was clearly a five star review for him.

Back at home that evening, Coco and Max asked Cam if he would accept the honor of ringing the church bells for them at their May wedding.  He was super excited and quickly yelled "Yes, yes, for sure yes!"

Chris and his son added a new piece of equipment to their garage workshop- a Carbide 3D machine.  It took them awhile to get it set up, but they produced their first output over the weekend.  The wooden sign proudly says "Cam Weatherford thanks for helping with our first project."
As with most family activities, we know this first design will be one of many more to come!

Camology Quotes:
Chris and Jane have decided that Cam's days at school far outrank their work days as it relates to fun and creativity.  
This week their class all helped out with a rice krispie treat recipe.
"I made rice krispie treats at school today, Mom!"
Awesome!  Did you bring any home?
"No.  They can only be eaten at school."

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