Sunday, March 15, 2020

In the Blink of an Eye - Week of Mar. 9th

"What a Difference A Day Makes" ... Or "a month," "a season," "a half" -- just pick your time period. It's meant to convey how things have changed dramatically for a team or individual, usually in a positive manner, but not necessarily. This is one of those cliches that has been so pounded into the ground that the source has been lost to obscurity. It's from the song "What a Diff'rence a Day Makes," a hit for Dinah Washington in 1959 and then again for Esther Phillips in 1975. 
What a difference a day makes 
Twenty-four little hours 
Brought the sun and the flowers 
Where there used to be rain

On Tuesday, March 10, Jane was scheduled to fly to New York City for a work conference.  At 12pm on Monday, March 9, the conference was canceled as well as company travel due to the growing concern over the coronavirus, Covid-19.  Thursday evening right before midnight, Cam's parents received a district-wide message that schools would be closed from Friday, March 13 until at least April 6 due to our Michigan governor wisely ordering closure.  Yes, what a difference a day makes.
Cam has had many questions and a cough or sneeze follow with his immediate inquiry, "Do I have the corona?"
We are constantly reassuring, but also being honest in that we do not have all of the answers, because this is unknown for everyone.
Like our son has shown us consistently in so many ways, we are choosing to remain positive.  Because of his outlook, we enjoyed a weekend of practicing walking, cleaning the house and fulfilling chores.
On Saturday, Cam arrived at his scheduled haircut at Jude's Barbershop in Cascade.  His stylist, Heather, was wearing a mask and gloves as a protective precaution due to her pregnancy.
When Cam saw himself in the mirror upon completion, he exclaimed "Wow, this is awesome.  Look how awesome I look!  Thank you Ms. Heather!"  She genuinely told him that he absolutely made her day and she certainly wished all of her clients would be so ecstatic!
Stay positive, all, and please, make someone's day brighter 😀

Camology Quotes:
Chris has worked to adapt so many different things for Cam.  After a few attempts in the past, a system was devised for our son to be able to take the garbage down the long driveway to the curb.
When asked to assist or help with these types of projects, he is eagerly asserting his independence...
"I'm on it, mister!"

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