Sunday, March 1, 2020

Cafe Cronies - Week of Feb. 24th

"I have no special talent.  I am only passionately curious." ~Albert Einstein

"No Smile" Passport Pic
We assume a lot as adults.  When a kid asks a question, there are times when we don't know the answer, we kind of bluff our way through it.  With Cam, we have found it is better to plead ignorance and check the information to be certain.  So, when he started asking multiple questions about passports, it was best to ask someone at the post office versus us trying to respond.
It turns out when you apply for a passport, your application is sent to Philadelphia or Texas.  From there, it is sent to any number of states for processing and creation.  It is a state department responsibility and not a homeland security one, as some might assume.
Friday morning, Jane and Cam were off to turn in Cam's passport application and picture for an upcoming trip to Canada.  Fortunately for us, a very patient postal worker answered all questions to Cam's satisfaction.

Brody had made plans with his buddies to meet at the coffee shop on Saturday late morning.  Cam and Liam were more than happy to comply with his request and their respective parents looked forward to the visit as well.  Cam and Brody have known each other since kindergarten and Cam and Liam were in preschool together.
We all met at Brody's be Cafe to hang out for a bit.  The boys wanted to play Uno and the card game filled with skips, draw twos, wilds and color changes ensued.  The cafe buddies filled the coffee shop with laughter!

Ms. Ann has been providing tutoring for Cam two days a week after school.  In addition to that, she's been able to stay other times as well.

Sunday was a day of projects for Cam and his dad, while Jane attended a bridal shower for Ms. Amanda.  In the early evening, Ms. Ann arrived to spend time with Cam and teach him all about a skein holder for yarn.  None of us had ever seen this contraption so it was a lesson for everyone!
While the yarn spinning class was underway, Chris and Jane headed out for dinner and a concert downtown, a Christmas present for the two of them.
Cam woke up soon after we arrived home, making certain we were there.  He asked what time we came in and we responded, "much too late for a school night!"

Camology Quotes:
At a school meeting, Cam's teacher noted how kind and empathetic our son is towards others.  At home we are often taken aback by the sudden burst of sweet words.  You would think they would be followed by a request for something, but surprisingly, they never are.
"Mom and Dad, you are the best parents for me.  I am so happy you are my parents!"

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