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Coolest Cabin Camping - Week of Aug. 19th

Sedona Cabin w/ramp!
"Glamping: a form of camping involving accommodation and facilities more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping."

Mom & Cam
It's hard to believe this year marked our 4th venture to our favorite nearby campground, Hungry Horse.  The sturdy stainless steel ramp created last year for Cam looked just as shiny and new as it did twelve months ago.  We are still as impressed as we first were with this family-run facility just 30 minutes from home.  The experience of camping at Hungry Horse incorporates cooking on the open fire or charcoal grill every evening and watching different RV's enter and exit on a daily basis.
Oma & Cam
Hayride Crew: Oma-Jane-Cam-Chris
While Cam and his parents settled into the Sedona cabin, Auntie Karen had already been in the Scottsdale one for a few days.  Tuesday evening, we dined on the covered cabin deck with Auntie Karen, her sister Sue, and their friend Marianne.  The grilled chicken fajitas tasted delicious as we watched a light rain shower.  Wednesday afternoon, we welcomed Oma to the campground for the next two nights, where she stayed in Karen's cabin.
Auntie Karen & Cam
Every Wednesday evening, the Hungry Horse owners host a 30-minute hayride taking its passengers around the back area of the grounds, stopping at the family farm to feed the goats, cows and pet the bunnies.
By far, our favorite daily activity is swimming in the solar-heated swimming pool.  It's perfect for Cam since half of the pool is 3.5 feet and the other half goes to 6 feet.  Our twelve-year-old is tall enough to walk in the pool and is comfortable swimming on his back too.
Mom & Cam & Oma
Warm sunshine and perfect weather welcomed us for three days in a row as we made our early afternoon trip over to the pool.  We met lots of kids and some great parents and relatives too.  Everyone is so friendly.

In addition to appreciating his independence, Cam loves using walkie talkies.  Each morning, he couldn't wait to 'call' Auntie Karen and Oma to see if they were awake.  There were many strolls with these two wonderful women, counting the different campsites with RV's or tents and looking at all of the different activities.
On Friday, we all came up with the idea of having Cam deliver breakfast to the Scottsdale cabin. 
Our morning routine of cooking eggs, toast and bacon on our griddle was set into motion and Cam made his way with foil covered paper plates to bring a hot morning meal to Oma and Auntie Karen!
When he arrived back at the Sedona cabin, there were two $1 bills neatly tucked on his tray.  Had Chris and Jane known he would make some money, they realized he could've been doing this all week!
Ms. Ann, Cam, Auntie Karen
The biggest bonus of the week for Cam was getting back on his bike.  The campground is truly the perfect area for safe bike riding.
On our final evening at Hungry Horse, we invited Miss Ann to join us for an authentic camping meal- pizza pies made in a cast iron pie iron.  Two slices of bread filled with pizza sauce, cheese, and your choice of toppings make this a family favorite, followed by the tastiest treat of s'mores.

As we bid farewell to Dorr, Michigan, we secured our reservation for next year with an additional night added on, per Cam's personal request.

𝅘𝅥𝅯♬♩Happy trails to you, Until we meet again. Happy trails to you, Keep smiling until then. Who cares about the clouds when we're together? Just sing a song, and bring the sunny weather. Happy trails to you, Until we meet again.𝅘𝅥𝅯♬♩ 

Camology Quotes:
Stella- happy to have her fam
back home!
Independence at Hungry Horse is key for our son.  The distance between the Sedona cabin we stay in and the Scottsdale cabin where Auntie Karen bunks is roughly 300 feet.
Partway through the week, Karen was telling us how Cam would start calling her name as he was headed to her cabin 'about halfway down the road' making his way there.
The friendly folks in the RV's surrounding the cabins were so nice to talk to.  On one occasion, Karen was providing introductions.
"Hi- this is Cam and I'm Auntie Karen."
"Oh yes, we know you're Auntie Karen- we hear your name every morning!"

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