Sunday, January 27, 2019

Spectacular Sledding - Week of Jan. 21st

Advice is like snow - the softer it falls, the longer it dwells upon, and the deeper it sinks into the mind. ~Samuel Taylor Coleridge 

Technology keeps us connected.
Cam's teacher uses an application called "Seesaw" where she will post pictures of Cam on Jane's private profile for easy viewing and download.  Our curious son has definitely taken a liking to science and it continues to be one of his favorite subjects.  Playing some indoor soccer with classmates is a bonus as well.
Cam and Ms. Jo working on science

On Saturday, our good friends Greg & Jill, with their kids Lucas and Leila made the trek from Fruitport to try some backyard sledding!
Chris and Greg met in college, Jane and Jill became fast friends after being introduced and now all of the kids get to play together.
The crisp air was chilly, but there was no wind in the early afternoon, which allowed us all to enjoy multiple rides down the hill.  With Cam's cool toboggan sled, allowing for an extra tag-along on the back, Jane and Chris were able to take turns providing a two-for-one special.
The snow tube was a big hit with everyone.  It picked up speed at the bottom of the hill each time.  Lucas and Leila and their parents managed to all pile on together, but bailed out when the tube started going sideways.
Since they had gone first, one might assume others were paying attention.

As Chris and Cam took their turn, the snow tube headed a bit off the path to the right which would lead one careening into the woods.
As they veered in that direction, Jane and Greg ran to intervene.  While Cam was laughing, with his head facing downhill, Chris asked Jane "why didn't you take a picture?"  Hmmm, why indeed? :)

Camology Quotes:
Our musical son has taken to singing along with popular songs.  Since he's been learning the words, he apparently decided to take his own turn at composition. 

"♪♫My mom is nice...  My dad is nice... Yeah Yeah ..You Know It!"
And there are many variations, apparently...
"♪♫I love my mom..  My dad is funny... Yeah Yeah ..You Know It!"

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