Sunday, January 6, 2019

Bowling Over the New Year - Week of Dec. 31st

Mr. Steve, Biala and Cam
"Bowling is not a sport because you have to rent the shoes." ~ George Carlin
"It's not how you bowl.  It's how you roll." ~ Unknown

On the last day of 2018, we made our way to the Northview Bowling center in Grand Rapids.  Our group was comprised of our family, the Raisch's and friend, Biala, as well as the Flegels.  The 4pm package included two hours of bowling, a large pizza per lane and two pitchers of soft drinks.  We weren't able to secure a ramp for Cam's chair, so his strong dad carried him to the lane each and every time it was his turn.  Cam used a bowling assistance ramp to push the ball down.  He won the first game and just about won the second as well.  It was our 11 year old's first time wearing bowling shoes for the venture.  Cam indicated his leg was sore by the end of the time from all of the standing on the lane.  It was such fun for all of us to be together to say goodbye to 2018.
Chris and Jane quietly rang in 2019 back at home and their son was asleep before 10pm.

Cam was into his second week of holiday break from school and Miss Amanda was able to hang out with him Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  The milder weather even allowed for a couple of outdoor strolls for the two.  They spent quite a bit of their time playing new games Cam received for Christmas.

Over the weekend, we watched the Rose Bowl with the Raisch's and feasted on stuffed pasta shells and salad.
After dinner,
Emma and Cam joined Chris and Jane in a game of Codenames.  The goal is to provide a one word clue and have your partner guess the words associated with it.  The game itself is quite intriguing since so many words have dual meaning.

As we bid farewell to 2018, we look forward to the new year and all of its possibilities!

Camology Quotes:

We know Cam picks up words and sayings from friends, classmates, and the community at large.  We always chuckle when he uses a phrase in seemingly perfect comedic timing.
On a trying morning of 'one thing after another' Jane was thankful for Cam being mindful and waiting for her time.

Thank you for being so patient with me, Cam.
"All in a day's work, Mom!"

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