Sunday, January 13, 2019

Oh Sleep, Where Art Thou? - Week of Jan. 7th

“What hath night to do with sleep?” ~ John Milton

Sleep has alluded us all this week, but for good reason.
As much fun as our bowling venture was, it turns out, it wasn't a good idea for Cam's leg.  Since he
was in bowling shoes and not his orthotics, he was weight-bearing on his left leg for every frame of 2 games.  Even though it was a short period of time for standing, his leg was sore upon arrival home.
Each night, Cam's sleep seemed to turn progressively worse, and we kept him home from school both Tuesday and Friday after he was awake nearly every hour each night before.
On Tuesday, Chris took the day to hang out with his son and Jane was on duty for Friday. Both parents took time to play Cam's favorite game of "Guess Who" which he is very good at!
After consulting with his doctors and specialists, the recommendation to seek x-rays came at 2pm on Friday afternoon.
Ms. Patti, our dear friend, stopped by with the largest Starbuck's coffee ever and Cam and Jane explained the week's events and latest request from the docs.  Patti mentioned there was an Orthopedic Urgent Care just 10 minutes away and they could do x-rays!  We followed her there and she got us settled and looked at books with Cam.  In Jane's sleep-deprived state, she could not thank Ms. Patti enough!  X-rays were fine but the doc determined Cam's left leg muscles were inflamed and prescribed a round of steroids.  The prescription began Saturday morning and Saturday evening was the first night of semi-normal sleep (only awake 3 times) Cam had had in almost two weeks.
For someone who was maintaining very little rest, our son was still quite chipper (much more so than his parents!) during the day.
He and Chris honed their harvesting skills by playing Farming Simulator on the XBox with Cam's Adaptive Controller.  Chris noted that possibly this summer, we should look at investing in some farmland, since these two are now apparent expert farmers!

Camology Quotes:

Auntie Karen's birthday present of Science Passports is the gift that keeps on giving.  Every month a new box arrives and our curious Cam cannot wait to delve into the contents.
This month was the Electricity Lab which Chris and his son completed. Each task also outlines the reasoning behind how it works....and Cam is a very good listener.
"Cam, this experiment is really cool.  Your mom wants to know how it works."
"The copper wires in the lemons make it work."
"But how does it generate electricity?"
"Because of the electrons, Mom!"

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