Sunday, December 16, 2018

The Gift of Santa - Week of Dec. 10th

Centerpiece from FTCH party
"Sometimes the most real things in the world are those which we cannot see.."

Frederick Meijer Gardens
Santa has its origins in truth. St. Nicholas was a real person who was born around 270 AD and grew up to become the adored Bishop of Myra, a Roman town in what is now Turkey. St. Nick dedicated his life to helping the poor. On Christmas Eve, he became a secret gift-giver for many impoverished children in Myra, leaving coins and treats in the shoes they left out for him. Santa’s red suit is inspired by the Bishop of Myra’s traditional red bishop’s cloak. The ‘elves’ are inspired by the orphan children who often helped St Nicholas give to all of the children on Christmas Eve.

Cam still believes in the idea of Santa, although the targeted questions are upon us.
Gift giving seems equal to its popular cousin of gift receiving.  This week, our fifth grader experienced two field trips at school.  The first was to Target with a small group to purchase Christmas gifts for his parents, complete with a list and cash.  After a financial lesson in the checkout lane, the troop headed to IHop restaurant where the students were treated to lunch of their choice with the teachers.  When Cam arrived home from school, it was difficult to determine which was more exciting - the shopping excursion or dining experience.  On Friday, the same group ventured around the corner to Frederick Meijer Gardens where the students looked at Christmas tree decorations from around the world and the large electric train display.

Oma and Opa arrived on Friday afternoon and Oma joined us at the Mary Free Bed Kid's Christmas party hosted in memory of Dr. Swanson.  The yearly event provides pediatric patients with the opportunity to share a festive evening together.  Yesterdog's catered and although hot dogs seem to taste best in the summer, their steamed buns and choice of toppings made for a delicious dinner.
We sat with Cam's buddy, Miss April and saw many other friends.  One of our favorite PT's, Mr. Micah, was dressed up in a reindeer outfit complete with ornaments adorning his beard- such commitment!  After eating, everyone gathered in the lobby for sing-a-longs and activities.

It was getting to be late and one of our sweet volunteer friends, Ms. Jen, quietly asked if Cam might want to say hi to Santa so we could head home.  Down a secret hallway we followed her, and from behind a door, there was the red guy!  Cam couldn't believe it and we were so thankful for the quiet moment amidst all of people.  After saying goodbye to Mr. Claus, we made our way out and all of the kids had the opportunity to pick a present.  Everyone was pretty tuckered out when we arrived home.

Saturday was reserved for cookie decorating time with Oma, a holiday tradition these two have taken on every year.  Oma is such an amazing baker and she brings her homemade cookies ready for frosting and holiday sprinkles.
That evening, Oma and Opa gave us the gift of Cam-sitting while Chris and Jane attended the FTCH holiday party downtown.  A big thanks to Mr. Steve for assisting as well!

Sunday morning sent Chris northbound for snowboarding with Greg and Oma and Opa back to Montague for church.
Cam helped Jane wrap presents and Stella lent her "assistance" as well.  Our Sunday evening dinner with the Raisch family topped off a great week!

Jen L, Cam & a Santa :)
Camology Quotes:

Cam has been honing his humorous sayings skill set.  
At bedtime this week his favorite new advice:
"Don't let the Santa bugs bite!"

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