Sunday, December 2, 2018

Home and Sick- Week of Nov. 26th

“No matter where I go, I’ll never forget home. I can feel its heartbeat a thousand miles away...” ~ Brenda Sutton Rose
After saying a sad goodbye to Mr. Ken/"Papa" with a visitation on Monday and funeral on Tuesday, Jane had to fly out west for work on Wednesday morning.

Upon landing in San Diego late in the day on Wednesday, she sent the picture view from her hotel room, to which Chris replied, "about the same here" depicting a snowy backyard.
Jane completed a presentation Thursday morning and headed for the airport.  She then discovered that Cam had been sick during the night on Wednesday and had to stay home on Thursday.  Poor buddy had a very upset stomach.  Super hero dad saved the night and day caring for his son and finishing up multiple loads of laundry due to the unfortunate side effects.

Cam's mom was more than happy to hang out with her son on Friday and by afternoon, he was feeling good again.  Per Cam's teacher, two other kids were out ill, so the 24-hour bug hit a few of them.
Saturday morning, our eager son was ready to tackle projects.  The first was moving in some extra furniture to store for Miss Amanda.  Cam supervised the transfer of a couch, chairs and tables to be set up in the lower level.
In the afternoon, Cam asked if he could assist his dad with hanging the Christmas lights "to make the outside shine!"

By early evening, we were ready to drive to Muskegon to meet Oma and Opa to celebrate Oma's birthday!  Everyone agreed that Olive Garden was the perfect place.  Cam asked Jane to reserve a table online while we were en route.  However, it indicated there was no wait.  When we arrived, there certainly were quite a few people looking for a table as well. 
Cam directed Jane to be certain to inform the hostess that their online reservation was most definitely not working.  After waiting for a bit, we were seated and hungry.  The delicious dinners and complimentary dessert (thanks to Oma's birthday) hit the spot! 
It tasted especially good to Cam who literally missed almost two whole days of eating this week.

Camology Quotes:
"Papa's" family wanted Cam to have some very special things that belonged to Mr. Ken.  A plaque complete with a clock and his police badges was on the list.  The minute Cam received it on Saturday he requested it be hung on the wall in his room where he could see it every day.  Cam has excellent hearing and noted that he could hear the new clock unless his fan was closer.  Chris jokingly asked his son, "Oh, you think your hearing is better than mine?"  And moving right along in step with his dad, Cam replied:
"Yes Dad.  You're old!"

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