Sunday, September 16, 2018

Cam Fans - Week of Sept. 10th

Coral reef- ready to grow
"All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson 

People tell us that Cam is a well-rounded combination of both of his parents: from his mom- hearty laugh and sensitive nature, from his dad- good looks and a love of science.
Coral reef- in a few hours!

Auntie Karen surprised Cam with a birthday/Christmas gift that arrives every month- Science Experiments!  Each kit contains everything you need to conduct your own at-home testing.  Making a coral reef was the first one out of the box.  Cam said "I really like science.  This is going to be so cool!"  After pressing colored boards into a base and adding solution, we waited for the magic.  Before long, we watched the coral appear which looked just like cauliflower.  We also learned about the Great Barrier Reef and its endangered species.  We are very thankful for such an awesome gift for a curious mind.

Saturday was made for a baseball game.  The weather was perfect for mid-September and the sun was bright.  The second game of the season also brought out the Cam fans!  Oma and Opa arrived early waiting for their grandson.  And a surprise appearance by Ms. Kathy (Cam's former teacher) and her husband Kevin made the day complete.  Cam couldn't believe it when Kathy walked across the field to see him.  His best bud, Brody, was happy too since these guys have enjoyed the same teachers for most of their elementary schooling.  The Aquinas Girls Softball team were the volunteers.  Cam's helper, Callie, was so nice.

We planned ahead due to the weather forecast and opted to share a picnic lunch with Oma and Opa in the playground area.
Cam requested time on the playground afterwards and was a bit surprised when his dad saddled into the adjacent ride.  Cam said "Dad, I did not know you were going to swing!" to which Chris replied "I'm never too old to swing with my son."  Just one of the many reasons we think he's the best dad on the planet!

Camology Quotes:

As parents, we appreciate all communication that comes our way in regards to Cam.  Jane was happily surprised to receive the following email from Cam's art teacher, Mrs. C.

Today, we watched a story called "Monsters Love Underpants", and designed our own Monsters in underpants. CAM HAD SO MUCH FUN! He was laughing and said
"This is the BEST art class!" 
I just adore him.  
Wait until you see his monster. It has 4 eyes, so it needs to wear two pairs of glasses. So fun!
Thanks for sending us such an amazing student!