Sunday, September 9, 2018

Baseball Begins! - Week of Sept. 3rd

"The noblest art is that of making others happy." ~ P.T. Barnum

Once in awhile we catch a nice sunset from our house.  It doesn't compare to Lake Michigan, but it still looks like someone painted the sky for us.
Cam is already into the new routine of 5th grade and excited about his new teachers.  This video was sent by Cam's art teacher and Cam is even quoted at the end of the 20 second movie.
Mrs. Konkle’s Class: Huskies in the Sunset22 Second Video
{In the words of Cam: "I think art is going to be great this year!"}

Also at school, Cam has settled into a new lunch routine and thoroughly proud of himself for being more and more independent.

Saturday marked the start of the fall 2018 WMML baseball league.  Cam is a Hope College Dutchmen for this season.  Anna, a current Hope student and one of our all-time favorite buddies, couldn't believe it!

Chris and Cam put the finishing touches on the batter box, including a fresh paint job, special stickers, new hinges and an overall inspection.  What a great makeover!

The Dutchmen were designated to play the first game of the day at 10am.  Cam's best friend, Brody, arrived early to warm up and per parent's request, the two boys are assigned to the same team.

As luck would have it, the Hope College softball and baseball teams were the WMML helpers and volunteers.  Even though the morning was a little cooler, the sun came out near the end of the game.

We also found one of our good friends, Miss April.  April has participated in the MFB Halloween parade for the last 2 years.  We chatted with her after the game and she will join us once again this October!

Sunday afternoon turned out to be the perfect day to find a new bike riding spot for Cam.  We drove up our old street, Windcrest, to the end where we parked our van and unloaded Cam's ride.   There is a nice stretch of smooth pavement for walking and biking. 
We did see our neighbor, Mr. Ken - aka 'Papa', who laughed and said, "Are you all lost?  I think you are on the wrong street!"

Camology Quotes:

Saturday afternoon, Cam was complaining about his ear popping and asked if we could get his ears checked since it had been happening for a few days.  We drove to the nearest medical center and noticed it was permanently closed.  While parked, Jane used her phone to check where the next closest center was.  She quickly showed Cam the location on her phone and the web page to prove it was open.  As we headed that way, our future technologist, asked:
"Mom, are the ratings for this med center good?"

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